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Thread: Up in the Air

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    Up in the Air

    I'm surprised there's no thread for this yet as I keep hearing Oscar buzz. AND it has George Clooney! We went last night and both really enjoyed it. Very well done, not just George's work, but all the minor actors as well...there are actually a lot of women in the film and they were all very good. And I think I saw "Dell" from Private Practice in a minor role.
    A number of reviews have said this is Clooney's best work yet, and I'd have to agree. (Although one local reviewer said he was better as the cartoon Mr. Fox, and meant it as a compliment!)
    This is a good film to take thoughtful teens to... makes you really think about what you want out of life. But, obviously, also very good for "grown ups".

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    Re: Up in the Air

    I thought it was slow, but it had it's funny moments. I overall enjoyed it, but was kind of expecting more from it. There were some parts that were reeeaalllly long and slow though. Although I am a huge fan of Vera Farmiga.

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    Re: Up in the Air

    I liked it but it was very 'talky' and a bit slow. I liked the message, and yep PWS you did see Dell.
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    Re: Up in the Air

    I really liked this movie. It's one of my favorites of 2009. I love Anna Kendrick, and I wasn't disappointed with her performance, although the
    Click to see Spoiler:
    crying scene about her boyfriend breaking up with her
    was kind of awkward to watch.

    I hated Vera's character so much, but she was great in the role. And George Clooney was pretty good, but I liked the two ladies better.

    The story was pretty good also. I loved traveling, so I loved seeing all those places included in the movie (there was even a short little snippet of SanFran! ). And the overall message was nice.
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    Re: Up in the Air

    I liked it too, but not necessarily Oscar material. Some of the cinematography at the wedding scene was very well done, and then there were obvious green screens. All in all though it was a great Friday "date" night type movie. I thought George Clooney was great (and I'm probably one of the few that doesn't swoon over him ) My husband thought the airport scenes were bang on and got a kick out of George moving through an airport in the same way that he does. I loved the overhead shots of the cities, and thought that was well done.

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    Re: Up in the Air

    it is something easy film


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