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Thread: "Grease 3" In The Works...

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    I am glad I am not the only one here who liked Grease 2. It was so bad that I loved it. Heck, I even own the movie. I don't know about Grease 3, though. Sounds frightening.
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    I don't know that I like the idea of setting Grease 3 in the 1970s. Don't get me wrong, I looove Disco, and a 70s musical sounds fun, but I thought the whole appeal behind Grease was nostalgia for the music and innocence of the 1950s.

    I am one of those people that loved Grease, enjoys Grease 2 but would never admit that publicly. D'oh! I guess I just did!

    What ever happened to the Grease remake that had been in the works (Britney Spears & Ricky Martin I thought had been attached at different points in time)? I, personally, would love to see a production of Grease with the AI kids. That would be fun.
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    I watched Grease 2 when I was a kid, and I bet I've seen it a hundred times. I LOVE that movie! I thought Stephanie was the absolute coolest person ever! Man I'm such a dork. I actually saw it before I saw Grease. Cool rider and Reproduction were my fav parts. Oh, I loved Who's That Guy too!

    Now that I'm older I like Grease the best, but I never pass up a chance to watch Grease 2 if I see it's on. I'm not sure about Grease 3, though. Sounds kind of cheesy.

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    FORT Fogey
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    The Grease 3 Movie

    Well, the movie world is stooping to a new low:


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    I loved the 1st one, didnt so like the 2nd one,i hope i will like the 3rd one!!`

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