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Thread: Twilight: Eclipse

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    Re: Twilight: Eclipse

    Not a fan, but I've seen all the movies so I can carry on conversations with my granddaughters. I've always been "Team Jacob" . . . and am REALLY impressed with the job Taylor Lautner did in Eclipse. Out of the 3 leading characters, he's the only one with any personality.

    My hubby went with me to see Eclipse. He hasn't seen any of the others. He's "Team Old Indian Guy." LOL.
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    Re: Twilight: Eclipse

    Saw it on our IMAX - very cool. I enjoyed it quite a bit. The action scenes were well done and the wigs are looking a bit better! lol Loved seeing the backstories of Jasper and Rosalie (although the extreme close ups of Nikki Reed got old FAST!).

    Some of the reviews I've seen have been really negative, but after reading the reviews, it was clear that they hadn't read the books and had no idea of the backstory between Jacob/Bella/Edward. Not that reviewers should have to read the books, but these guys were so snide and dismissive. Annoying.

    It was also nice to see KS without her usual tics and twitches. Still not a great actress, but improving somewhat. Did not like Bryce as Victoria. Not enough menace - too ....girly?
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    Re: Twilight: Eclipse

    Gala, I didn't care for the new Victoria, either. She wasn't hard-core enough. Victoria is mean...you can see it on her face that she's conniving and ruthless. Bryce was too soft and yes, girly.
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    Re: Twilight: Eclipse

    Well, its one week since the opening of Twilight Eclipse and I went and saw it after work at 4:30pm. I was in a 500 stadium seat theater and I don't think there were more than 15 or so people there. A group did move up above me about 20 minutes into the movie and I did have to shush them about twice to get them to stop talking. That felt good.

    I am not a big fan of the Twilight series, although I have listened to all 4 books. I do think the author is wordy and needs to get a very tough editor to cut down on word count. That being said, I was very pleasantly surprised and liked the movie. Yes, it is the best of the three. Amazing what changing the director can do to the tone of a film. Take that M. Night Shamalyn for ruining The Last Airbender, a series that I am a big fan of. Just had to say that. Another reason I mention The Last Airbender is that Jackson Rathbone who plays Jasper in Eclipse, played Sokka in Last Airbender and I have to give him kudos as an actor as I didn't recognize him as the same person. I also have to give Jason Rathbone a shoutout because when they showed him dressed as a Texas Cavalry Office from the Civil War he looked totally believable. It is just in the modern era his hair looked awful as did Dr. Cullen's. Obviously, money was not spent on hair design or hair pieces. I also liked the back story on Rosalie.

    Another surprise was Kristin Stewart as Bella, her acting again got better and I think she had her hair darken and at one point she actually looked like I imagined Bella would look like.

    I think the biggest suprise was Taylor Lautner. He must have been taking acting lessons because he did a great job as Jacob. Taylor Lautner may have been cute as a kid, but has been going through a growth spurt and his Kevin Bacon type nose during the first two movies was not pleasant to look at. His improvement as an actor really helps to overlook the squashiness of his face. I think his face will continue to change and he will look different at 25 then he does now at 18. Big reason why you shouldn't have plastic surgery until your facial bones have stopped growing.

    What I liked best about this film is that the director had great pacing, was able to incorporate background, vice Jasper, Rosalie and the retelling of the tribal history. I found the background story of the werewolves very interesting and felt it had not been explored enough in the previous movie and it was about time more attention was spent on that. Yes the tent scene was good.

    I do have to say that I found Robert Pattinson as Edward as flat and stiff as a board. There is absolutely no personality or emotion behind the actors horribly made up face. The other detraction of the movie was the inconsistent use of vampire makeup on Edward. At times the pale skin and red lips were awful and uncomfortable to look at. I also felt as if the makeup department had spent too much money on the hair appliances that they put on Mr. Pattinson's face. Those eyebrows were way to much. I wanted to get my tweezers out and give Mr. Pattinson's eyebrows a good plucking. He is one actor who really needed some manscaping done.

    Overall, I enjoyed the movie and hope that New Dawn continues the trend of each movie getting better and better.
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    Re: Twilight: Eclipse

    Quote Originally Posted by AZChristian;3963538;
    Not a fan, but I've seen all the movies so I can carry on conversations with my granddaughters. I've always been "Team Jacob" . . . and am REALLY impressed with the job Taylor Lautner did in Eclipse. Out of the 3 leading characters, he's the only one with any personality.

    My hubby went with me to see Eclipse. He hasn't seen any of the others. He's "Team Old Indian Guy." LOL.
    LOL! I am team Charlie!

    I enjoyed this book series but the movies are getting too mushy for me. Although, after Eclipse I have turned to Team Jacob.

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    Re: Twilight: Eclipse

    I went to see it on Wednesday and there were only a few people in the theater, it was really nice!

    Quote Originally Posted by cantstopwatchin;3960662;
    ...And I didn't like how they didn't show the camraderie between Edward and Seth. I wanted to see the fist bump.
    I missed that too, but I am hoping they will pick up on it in the next movie!

    There were bits here and there that annoyed me a bit. The most noticable for me was that they didn't make it clear how Jacob and Edward were "playing dirty" in their fight for her. They barely brushed the surface near the end when she goes to see Jacob and he askes her if Edward was mad, she says no, and he says something like "He's better than I thought. But they completely glossed over the stuff that leads up to that. They cut short Jacob's bit about going to fight and possibly not coming back and how it was all a ploy to get her to ask him to kiss her. And when she goes back to Edward he doesn't say anything about that fact. I thought that was one of the funniest bits of the book and I missed it.

    One other thing. The young vampire Bree was supposed to be "crazed", she really wasn't in the film at all.

    I agree that Rob Pattinson's acting leaves something to be desired, he is stiff most of the time. I thought Taylor Lautner and the guy who plays Charlie both did an excellent job. I also like this director and thought he did a fantastic job preventing Kristen Stewart from falling into her standard mannerisms - I think I only saw her bite her lip once! They also did a good job toning down the vampire makeup.

    Overall, enjoyable.

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    Re: Twilight: Eclipse

    Saw it last night.... 10:30 showing (pm), and I doubt the theater was a quarter full. From the cheers ("I"m hotter than you",etc.) I'm guessing it was mostly Jacob's team in the audience, although when I commented about that as I was leaving a 12 year old disagreed adamantly. The adults though...definitely Jacob's team. I wonder if that holds true generally?
    So, good.... I thought Taylor was a better actor than Robert...on the other hand, maybe Robert was being true to Edward's character in the book, who I've always found pretty stiff (one reason I was a fan of Jacob). Good action scenes, tent scene hot, all good. No Oscars, but fun.

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    Re: Twilight: Eclipse

    there's a similarity of the vampire diaries story and twilight saga..

    well it's not about the story, it's about the body of jacob

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    Re: Twilight: Eclipse

    Some thoughts:

    - Still think Kristen Stewart is the best part of the series (though I know others disagree). And she gets prettier and prettier.
    - The vampire makeup continues to be horrendously bad - from the heavyhanded white pancake makeup (I was distracted by Dakota Fanning's powdered nose when she was mulling the fate of the newborns) to the eyebrow pencil (marker, more like) used on Robert Pattinson during the tent scene.
    - I'm Team Edward but I did enjoy Taylor Lautner's portrayal of Jacob quite a bit in this movie
    - Bryce Dallas Howard was fine but I missed Rachel Lefevre as Victoria
    - Loved the wolves
    - Fight scenes were good
    - I wish the engagement scene had been more circuitous like it was in the book
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    Re: Twilight: Eclipse

    Can someone tell me how many new actors were in this film..Im pretty sure they switched on these characters:
    Jasper (who I (I think) really liked before but the new dude was okay)
    Victoria (the other chick was way better--this one kinda looked like a sweet girl who just went bad instead of the crazy, mean nutbag)
    Rosalie (again, not sure on this one, but I remember her being prettier and a bit "harsher")
    Esme (another unsure but this one didnt look as great as I remembered either)

    Im really not happy that they changed the characters so much...it kinda felt like a different movie outside of the series to me. And if Dakota Fanning keeps growing up they are going to have a hard time selling her as the mind-bending kid vamp.

    Someone mentioned upthread that they have a problem with Bella's convenient vampire ability (deus ex machina). Overall, I have always had a problem with her character in general (and I have an even larger problem with the way the movies and KS present the character because I find it very different from the books but oh well). Back to the topic:
    First, she just happens to be the only human gal on planet earth who is immune to Edwards little mind-reading trick. Second, her blood is magically delicious like freaking lucky charms--and/or smells more amazing than any other warm-blooded mammal...AND it makes ALL vamps go wild. Third, she just happens to be able to resist all vamp powers--and she can share via a magic bubble. Seriously?

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