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Thread: District 9

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    District 9

    Wow, very interesting. Lots of layers, there are no good guys or bad guys. Its just people or prawns trying to survive in very bad circumstances. The theater I went to was packed and people applauded at the end and you don't hear that too often. This is a science fiction movie and it is done in a documentary style and looks very low budget and amateurish but it is very gripping. If you are Nigerian there is a high probability you will be offended.

    That being said I was really rooting for the father and son prawn to get away to the mother ship.

    I must say that this film is not based on a formula American action film where it is very clear who is the bad guy and who is the good guy. I just finished watching Torchwood season 3 marathon last week and then saw this and both stories leave you feeling as if the entire situation was one big mess that was handled very badly and lots of people got hurt except perhaps government and the big high tech corporations that just want to make more money and don't give a crap about people.

    If nothing else this movie does make you think.
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    Re: District 9

    I loved this movie--it was so well done, so much attention to detail, and just riveting. The amount of emotionality you get from Christopher and his son--even though they are entirely CGI--is damn impressive. And as much as I wanted to hate Wikus--the end shot was just so, so sweet. (No spoilers from me. ) If anyone wants a taste of what the movie is like, you can check out the short it was based on by the same director. YouTube has it and it's called "Alive in Joberg".

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    Re: District 9

    Yeah, I really liked this movie a lot. I liked the faux-documentary style that it was presented in because it allowed a lot of exposition without it feeling like too much, and made it seem like the events really did happen.

    It was also interesting that this movie made me hate, love, and feel sorry for the prawns and Wikus at different parts of the movie. I liked that, because there's nothing like an emotional rollercoaster done right!

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    Re: District 9

    i really liked this movie too, much better than most of the other blockbuster's i've seen this year, sometimes i think not having someone famous in a movie makes it ten times better

    and it does make you think...i saw it on sat afternoon and was thinking about the movie for the rest of day

    and I too loved christopher and his son and was so happy for them

    while i didn't hate Wikus, at times he really annoyed me especially towards the end, but i was glad he did the right thing in the end

    does anyone think there will be a sequel???

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    Re: District 9

    I loved the movie, but once again, when people review movies I think they need a sign to indicate extensive hand held camera work. I would have been thinking about it for hours if I hadn't been "feeling" it for hours. Barely made it through the movie and tossed my cookies right after. Sigh. Have the same problem with many recent Woody Allen films, and have never dared to see Blair Witch as even the ads made me queasy.

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