What a fun, imaginative movie. Normally, I can't stand "kids" movies because they can be so dumbed down and politically correct. But this week I managed to see G Force, which I luv'd and Aliens in the Attic. It is fun. You have to see it just to see the matrix like, kung fu fighting scenes with Doris Roberts who plays NaNa. That was sheer genius. I also really liked the actress who played the baby sister, Hannah. What an expressive face and beautiful eyes. I liked how they showed adult brothers going on vacation together with their kids and 70 yr old mother. I like how the kids get creative to combat the aliens in the attic. Quite a lot of fun and the house they used as a set is fabulous. No bad language. I laughed and had a good time. I think both adult and kids can enjoy this and I like how it shows that the kids do like and love their parents and do all that they can to save them.