With all the summer blockbusters coming out I have a feeling all the little movies are going to be ignored. First I must say that I have seen 2 of the newer 3D movies, Battle for Terra and last yrs Journey to the Center of the Earth. I thought that the 3D effect was totally uneccesary for either movie. It is gimmicky and you have to wear 3D glasses which are a pain if you already wear regular glasses.

Battle for Terra is a really nice animated movie. The creators did a wonderful job creating a entirely new world and creatures that live in it. Mala, the main character is female and she is simply great. Inquisitive, inventive, courageous. The main premise of the story is that Mala's world is peaceful and the inhabitants live with nature and do not fight it. One day strange objects appear in the sky and start abducting people...

There are 2 main themes in this story. One about war and the massive destruction it causes and the second about living with nature and not abusing it. One of the best lines of the movie is when after a battle one of the Elders says there is "always an alternative" to fighting to solve a problem. This is a movie both children and adults can watch. There is a good underlying message in the movie and it does not hammer the point unlike Pixar's Wall-E.

Personally, I wouldn't mind living in Mala's world where sky whales live.