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Thread: Wall Street 2

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    Wall Street 2

    Michael Douglas and Oliver Stone are set to start shooting a sequel to Wall Street this summer. It looks as if Shia LaBeouf is on board to be Gordon Gekko's new protege. Gekko will be freshly released from prison, though hardly rehabilitated. I'll look forward to its release.

    There are quite a few links if you do a search, but here's one of them.

    Oliver Stone to Direct Wall Street 2, Michael Douglas and Shia LaBeouf In Talks To Star | /Film
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    Re: Wall Street 2

    I think this is at least tentatively called "Money Never Sleeps". Since it seems to be flying out my windows lately, I agree with that title .
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    Re: Wall Street 2

    It always seems odd to me when they wait SO long to create a follow up movie...

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    Re: Wall Street 2

    I can't really see Shia LeBouf in that role, though.
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