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Thread: Hannah Montana: The Movie

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    Hannah Montana: The Movie

    My 7 year old daughter and I saw this yesterday and surprisingly, I enjoyed it as much as she did. The theater was full of little girls with big dreams of singing like Hannah Montana. That was the worst part since I can't stand for people to talk during or sing along with a movie.

    For country music fans, there are performances in the movie by Rascal Flatts and Taylor Swift. Oh, and the best part...that had me LMAO...
    Click to see Spoiler:
    Hannah Montana and Tyra Banks fighting over a pair of shoes in an upscale shoe store. Tyra was great.
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    Re: Hannah Montana: The Movie

    It's actually been getting pretty good reviews in these parts. I still don't want to see it, though. I'm hoping that my MIL will take my girls and spare me. My older one is pretty much over the whole HM thing but she thought the trailers for the movie looked okay and worth seeing. I saw the Tyra bit in a trailer, and it wasn't believable IMO. I don't think Miley can take Tyra in a fight...yet.
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    Re: Hannah Montana: The Movie

    I took my almost 7yr old to see it on Mother's Day. I actually liked it. Miley drives me nuts and I don't think she has the best of voices but the movie was pretty good. I was pretty shocked by the movie....

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    Re: Hannah Montana: The Movie

    I took my 4 yo daughter to see this a few weeks ago. As soon as it was over she declared "That was the BEST Hannah Montana movie EVER!" I did not point out to her that it was the "only Hannah Montana movie ever"

    I am not a country music fan, but the music in the movie was, for the most part, pretty much on the "pop" end of country. The "country" in the movie seemed centered around family values and community, and those are things that anyone can relate to! It was a cute movie, pretty much what I expected.

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