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Thread: Inkheart

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    Re: Inkheart

    Good suggestion.

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    Re: Inkheart

    kiddo and I saw this yesterday at the $2.50 theatre. It was worth every penny. I loved it. I'm not sure that my kiddo got all of it and there were some parts that she found scary. I think we are going to be owning this one.

    *one thing M didn't quite get was the dungeon and it's inhabitants.
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    I had to explain them all then she recongnized them, my fave was the 'ticking croc' the 10 yr old boy sitting behind us asked his mom all through the movie why it was ticking, I finally turned around and explained that it was the crocodile from Peter Pan - then the kid wanted to watch Peter Pan when they got home

    Oh and Helen Mirren was fantastic, as usual. I love it when she refers to herself as an old woman but it's usually while she is doing something quite out of the ordinary for an 'old woman' ... like riding a motorcycle with her white hair streaming in the wind/
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    Re: Inkheart

    I also loved this movie! I will definitely be adding it to my DVD collection. I'm just sorry it did not do well in the theatres. I think that it was partly bad timing, coming out so soon after "Bedtime Stories". I had been looking forward to seeing this movie since the previews started in mid 2008 and I was not disappointed.

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