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Thread: Defiance

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    Nice to see Daniel Craig in a non James Bond movie. I liked this movie it brought up a lot of memories. My family and family friends are from that part of Europe and I grew up with stories of what happened during WWII so that was very emotional. Daniel Craig can act and can carry a movie. I liked the relationship between the Bielski brothers. It was also interesting to note how extreme circumstances can change your path in life and you find hidden depths in yourself and can actually become a better person. I did like the play between the intellectuals who basically were snobs to the Bielski brothers before the war yet had to depend on them to help survive in the woods. I think this reaches it's height when some of the fighters capture some German soldiers and while Bielski and his advisors use the soldiers maps to plan an attack the rest of the camp exacts revenge on the soldiers while the one intellectual recognizes the scene for what it is and tries to get Bielski to stop it. It is a very brutal scene but very true about what happens during war especially when the civilians get a chance get their revenge.
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    Re: Defiance

    I thought the movie was really good. I was happy to see Jamie Bell in it.
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