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Thread: Australia

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    Went to see it Turkey Day. I was expecting a sweeping romance and a bit of history. Considering the selection this Tday weekend, there is not much to choose from for adults wanting something else besides animation and shootem ups. I was very pleasantly surprised. The movie is about 2 hrs and 45 minutes long, you really didn't feel that until the last 45 minutes where the pace and the focus of the movie change and I felt the pace kinda slowed down. While I don't really remember ever seeing a Nicole Kidman movie she was fantastic here and Hugh Jackman was too. That man can fill out a pair of jeans like nobodies business. He is now on my nightly "to dream about" list. The setting is Australia in 1939. The start of the film is very much a western set in Australia with a romance thrown in. I really like that the narrator of this movie is a young aboriginal half caste boy. I wanted to adopt him. There is an underlying theme of how badly the aboriginal natives were treated and there is blantant prejudice in the movie. Overage I like the film and the transformation of Lady Sarah. Definitely an A-/B+.
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    Re: Australia

    I saw this last night with the hubby. We both enjoyed it very much. The audience clapped at the end, and that's rare, so we were not alone in our opinion of this film. We loved Nicole and Hugh, they were very good and yes, I could watch Hugh riding a horse all day long. What a lovely looking man. The aboriginal boy, Brandon Walters, nearly steals the movie. He is superb and darling and incredible in all his scenes.

    I agree with Bearcata, this movie moves quickly and you don't feel like you've been sitting in the theatre for nearly 3 hours. Great entertainment.

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    Re: Australia

    I hold the exact opposite opinion. I found it interminable & very, very boring. I did like Nullah (the half-aboriginal boy) and the scenes where they were driving the cattle but that was it. Everything else was dreck.
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