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Thread: Ghost Town

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    Ghost Town

    This is a sweet movie. I really needed a break and a good laugh and watch something without lots of explosions and too good looking heroes and heroines. This was the perfect movie for that. No bad language and a regular looking guy with a sour attitude as the lead. Basically the story is about a dentist who goes in for a regular checkup (a colonscopy sp?) and died for 7 minutes and when he comes back he sees dead people. The opening scenes are a little gruesome if you have any dentist phobias as there are upclose shots of needles and drills. eeck! The thing is I laughed, and the movie was sweet and even the gang of males teens sitting across from me in the theatre applauded at the end. I highly recommend this movie. I wouldn't even categorize this as a "chick flick" or a "date movie" although it can be it was just fun.

    Oh, I had to see my dentist yesterday and recommended it to her. Her entire dental practice is talking about it and wheather they should go see it.
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    Re: Ghost Town

    This movie looks hilarious. I'm going to keep watch for it to come out on demand because sometimes they show movies that are currently in theaters if they are small.
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