Mmm...I think if you go to see this picture without having seen any previous Star War films or being aware of the plot of the Star War films you would be lost. The film does not have a set up like the original trilogy did and it would not have hurt the viewers to have their minds refreshed as to what the situation is. Otherwise you are dropped into battlescene after battlescene after battlescene so quickpaced that you cannot appreciate what is going on. That is what is bad about this movie. You have to have your quiet peaceful moments to balance out the shear terror parts. That being said I liked the picture. I liked how the sound editors took the original John Williams track and added on their own parts and made it quite original. The set design was fabulous as was the character design. I must admit I spent most of the movie admiring the designs of the planets, the soldiers, the Jedi, the planets, the spaceships etc.. The textures were incredible. It was also fun listening to the accents of the different characters. In the films there are alot of British accents. Here in Clone Wars there are a lot of Australian accents. The one rebel general tries very hard to do Sean Connery. It is quite funny at times. I was very surprised that the actor duing Obi Wan was not the original. He had the voice down pat. In fact the acting between Obi Wan and Anakin was quite good. If the original actors in the films had done half as well the films would have been much better then the special effects movies that they were. Anakin's padawan was a treat and if was refreshing to see a female Jedi Knight. I also appreciated that some of the background was given, in this case about the Hut Castle and the abandoned temple that the kidnap victim was held. I wondered about how they would explain the architecture of the buildings. A sect of monks had build temples but they were such strong structures that gangs of smugglers had a tendency to take them where ever these temples were found. Also in this movie the term Clone Wars is finally explained. My understanding had been that the robots used by the Separatists were being cloned and providing unlimited armies. But it seemed that all the StormTroopers Obi Wan was commanding were also clones. There were also a couple of plot tweaks. For almost %70 of the film you see Obi Wan and then Anakin and his new padawan and then out of no where Padma (sp?) shows up. It seem quite a bit of a disconnect. Also I thought the plot was a questionable. Jabba must have seen through it and knew that both the Republic and the Separists were trying to use him. Still from what I understand this film is a set up for a series that will appear on the Cartoon Network and I wish the producers luck with that.

I so think that this movie will appeal to young children (6 and up) especially those into video games. Although there is plenty of violence, it does not seem like violence because there is not blood and gore and you cannot see that the Storm Troopers are human because they are covered up in their armour 99% of the time.