I initially did not want to see this film as I had read some pre reviews stating it was quite bad. Nevertheless on the strength of seeing Brendan Fraser in "Journey to the Center of the Earth 3D" I went and saw it. I must admit I enjoyed it. It was what I expected from the franchise. The new Evelyn was not bad and a good partner for Rick. The story was interesting and set in China. Plug for the Olympics??? Loved the Yeti some cute moments with the facials and a semi football moment in the middle of the temple battle. Someone had a sense of humor there. I thought that this sequel was much better than the Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull. Both franchises look as if they are setting up younger actors to carry on the franchise. However, Luke Ford, the actor who plays Alex O'Connell had neither the grace, the charisma or acting chops of Brendon Fraser. In fact Luke Ford has all the appeal of a damp dish rag. No way, no how could he carry the franchise. Overall the movie was fun, your basic B movie action adventure film. If that is what you expect to see when you go you will not be dissapointed. This movie will do quiet well in the DVD rental market. Good for 8-9 yr old and up. No bad language. Might be scary for the very young child (5 and younger).