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Thread: DysFunKtional Family - 04/04

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    DysFunKtional Family - 04/04

    DysFunKtional Family (2003)
    Synopsis: Concert performance of Eddie Griffin that includes
    behind-the-scenes documentary footage detailing the stand-up comedian's personal life and family as he travels to a family reunion to reunite with the cast of characters who are the root of his comedy: his mother, an uncle who was an ex-pimp, and his Uncle Curtis, who pontificates on his career as a porno director.

    Genre: Biopic, Comedy, Documentary Rating: MPAA R Runtime: 83 mins. Theatrical Release: 04/04/2003

    Cast & Role
    Eddie Griffin - Himself
    Rob Schneider - Himself

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    Hmmmmm...I think I'd rather watch Eddie Murphy Delirious again.

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    I'm not one s to watch Comedy concert performances on the big screen. But if I were to watch one, it would also be Eddie Murphy.

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