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Thread: Ripley's Game - 04/04

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    Ripley's Game - 04/04

    Ripley's Game (2003)
    Synopsis: The continuing story of Tom Ripley, a career criminal who has amassed his wealth through various illicit activities, including murder. He is married and living in France, when the necessity arises to silence two foes who could reveal his dark past. Concocting an assassination plan, Ripley makes a deal with a terminally ill English aristocrat, who's desperate for money, in order to rid himself of his two enemies.

    Genre(s): Adaptation, Crime, Thriller Rating: MPAA R Runtime: 110 mins. Theatrical Release: 04/04/2003

    Cast & Role
    John Malkovich - Tom Ripley
    Dougray Scott - Jonatham Trevanny
    Ray Winstone - Reeves
    Lena Headey - Sarah Trevanny
    Chiara Caselli - Luisa

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    It's kind of funny imagining Matt Damon growing up to look like John Malkovich.

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    Yeah, that would be weird.
    But somehow, I think John Malkovich will do a great job with that role.

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    Yeah, he's a great actor. I'm sure he'll turn in a much creepier performance than Damon could have ever imagined.

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