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Thread: National Treasure 2

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    The Todd

    Re: National Treasure 2

    Quote Originally Posted by schmoo2;2740150;
    Saw it and loved it, as expected.
    but will still get the dvd - I swear I watched the first one about 5 times in the last 2 months when it was on TV.
    Glad to hear it!!

    Little to my knowledge, my little one liked the promos for NT2 and saw NT right before we saw this one. I have a feeling i'm be buying NT & NT2 very soon.

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    Re: National Treasure 2

    I just saw National Treasure on the big screen and it was great! I hadn't seen or read the first one. Caught it on a matinee which was great because getting in after that was absolute chaos!

    Great entertainment for the whole family. Loved all the secret places and historical references. Will try to find the first one to watch now.

    Two paws up!
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    Re: National Treasure 2

    I haven't seen this movie yet but I heard it was pretty good. Actually I heard its better than the first movie. I some time off this weekend so I'll check it out then.

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    Re: National Treasure 2

    I caught this on the weekend, and wasn't thrilled, even though I enjoyed the first one. The
    Click to see Spoiler:
    drama with his parents not speaking for 30 years seemed so contrived and stupid. I get tired of Nicholas Cage getting a clue and solving it instantly. Bah. But the scenes with the President were pretty good - he was a scene stealer.
    If they make a sequel, I'll mostly likely skip it.
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