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Thread: The Game Plan

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    The Game Plan

    An NFL quarterback living the bachelor lifestyle discovers that he has a 7-year-old daughter from a previous relationship. Gridiron Gang star The Rock picks up the pigskin once again for this sports-themed family comedy concerning a football superstar who abandons the gridiron to answer the call of fatherhood after learning that he has a daughter he never knew. Kyra Sedgwick stars as the professional athlete's ruthless agent who would rather see her client scoring touchdowns than cementing familial bonds,


    Saw this movie this morning with my 7 year old nephew and we loved it! I had pretty low expectations as I haven't been a big fan of "The Rock", but I have to say that he did very, very well.. both as the lunkheaded Joe Kingman and as the reformed father!

    Cliched plot but very well done. We laughed loudly throughout most of the movie, but there were also several heartwarming scenes where I even teared up a bit. The little girl is absolutely precociously adorable, and Joe Kingman's teammates are terrific.

    I highly recommend this movie for an hour and a half of fun.
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    Re: The Game Plan

    I just saw this today and I LOVED it! It was awesome! I laughed. I cried. What a great movie.
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    Re: The Game Plan

    I ADORED this movie. This is one of my FAVORITE movies of all time. The Rock and the little girl did an awesome job! I cried thru some of it, and its definitely one of those movies going onto my ipod.

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