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Thread: Across the Universe

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    Re: Across the Universe

    Quote Originally Posted by ClosetNerd;2606955;
    Coming from someone who was really really exited about seeing it: you are not missing much It was a terrible letdown

    I felt the same way. So much that I turned it off halfway through after trying to watch the DVD over three days. Just couldn't get into it, and I have been a huge Beatles fan for over 20 years. I felt that the story was contrived in trying to fit the songs in. Of course, I didn't see how it played out, but I just couldn't tolerate it.
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    Re: Across the Universe

    Quote Originally Posted by ArchieComic Fan;3180027;
    This is playing On Demand and I watched it tonight. Gutmutter, I totally agree with your synopsis. ClosetNerd, I feel ya on the alcohol part . I was thinking "what the heck kind of movie is this" but then I sobered up () and rewatched it from the beginning and loved every minute of it. I thought everyone who had a singing part had a great voice. I wasn't familiar with Evan Rachel Wood either. I never saw "Thirteen" or the tv series she was on. The actor playing Jude reminded me a lot of Ewan McGregor. This will be one to add to my collection although I'm sure my husband will never watch it. Musicals aren't his cup of tea. Unless maybe if it's a singing cowboy movie .
    I could have written this post. The funny thing is that my husband LOVES Grease. Knows all the words to the songs and does watch it when he catches it on tv. (I think it has more to do with his ONJ crush than the songs).
    I tried to get him to watch Across the Universe, but he refuses. He says one bad Beatles movie (Sgt. Pepper) was enough.

    I liked it and my daughter loved it.
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    Re: Across the Universe

    Quote Originally Posted by Duxxy;3182713;
    I didn't like it at all.

    I DESPISE the psychadelic sub-culture. I was disappointed that Lucy in the sky with diamonds was only played over the end credits.
    I loved this movie and it's already a part of my collection. Both my sons also loved it, even the one that isn't much into musicals.

    I had to smile at your statement above, Duxxy, since you wanted more of Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds, which really is all about the psychedelic sub-culture -- or the LSD part of it anyway.
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    Re: Across the Universe

    I just watched this movie. It was okay. The real distraction for me was hearing the Beatles songs, but to a different context, where meaning is given to them. I think, because we are all so familiar with the songs already, we already have associations and ideas about what each song means to us. So when "Hey Jude" is about some British guy named Jude and not John Lennon's son, Julian, it seems weird, and in a bad way.

    I did like the cameo by Bono. I also liked the movie's version of the song "Across The Universe" - that song is so pretty - and "Let It Be" sung by the gospel choir - gorgeous. Hearing the songs done in different ways really reminds you of what beautiful melodies the Beatles wrote.

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    Re: Across the Universe

    Just rented this movie the other day and I loved it. I'm not a huge Beatles fan although I do like them and I thought it was wonderful how they were able to incorporate the song lyrics into the story. I kept waiting for them to sing Hey Jude and Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds during the whole movie because you knew those songs had to be in there because of the character names.
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