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Thread: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

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    Re: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

    I bought a Blu-Ray copy at Walmart for $15 which also came with a standard definition disc and a digital download code. I think that's a pretty great deal! And I don't even have a Blu-Ray player yet but now I'm ready when I do and can watch the standard disc in the meantime.
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    Re: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

    Quote Originally Posted by Arielflies;3766194;
    Because ClosetWatcher has not yet seen the movie, I'll place my review in spoilers.
    Sorry Ariel, I didn't mean to imply that I had not seen the movie. I went to see it in the theater, I'm just looking forward to seeing it again on DVD!!!!

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    Re: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

    I went and paid the full price at Best Buy ($22.99 CDN) but they had the other 5 HP movies on for $6.99 apiece (DVD) so I bought 'em all, except for the one my kids already own. We'll have a Potter marathon over Christmas holidays.
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    Re: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

    Since closetwatcher HAS seen it, I'll post this without using the spoiler format.

    Granted, there was no funeral at the end of this movie, but I think it may happen at the beginning of Deathly Hallows 1. They already have listed all the actors for DH1 on IMDB, and everyone will be there (including folks like Umbridge, who was at the funeral in the book). No sense paying everyone to be in two movies if they can pay them for one.

    I was a bit confused about Harry's silence when Snape showed up at the top of the tower, but after watching the film again (4 times in the theater), I noticed the emphasis through the whole movie on how everyone trusted Snape because Dumbledore trusted him. When Dumbledore needed help, he told Harry to get Snape, and not to talk to anyone else. Harry was going against his gut feeling because all of the people he respected told him to trust Snape. I think Dumbledore knew Snape was going to kill him, because Snape had sworn the unbreakable vow, so that if Draco couldn't complete the task that the Dark Lord had assigned him, Snape would do it. I don't think Dumbledore wanted Draco to kill him, because he knew it could cause him to become as evil as Voldemort.

    Fleur and Bill's wedding will take place in Deathly Hallows 1. It's in the previews on the DVD. And the movie looks terrific!
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    Re: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

    I really liked how they developed the sub plot of the teenagers coming to life - first with Harry in the tube diner, then Dumbledore asking him about Hermoine and the possibility there. But, I wonder if they spent too much movie time on that story line and not enough on the main plot. There was no fight against the death eaters inside the castle, and Harry wasn't frozen to inaction other than with his promise to Dumbledore in the observatory.
    But this is part of the main plot. Harry is growing up and, in addition to what's going on with Voldemort, he and his friends have got raging hormones kicking in and they have to deal with them. It grounds him as a normal teenager, I think.

    I missed the fight inside Hogwarts after Dumbledore's death but I read somewhere that they wanted THBP to be lighter than TTOP because there was so much fighting and Sirius' death at the end. Plus, we all know the DH is going to be chock-full of fights so I guess I forgive them for that. I also really missed Dumbledore's funeral but I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it'll be at the beginning of the DH. They can't not show Dumbledore lying at rest, holding his wand. They've got to set that up for Voldemort to steal it.

    I really disliked the lack of the happy moments at Christmas - that fire never happened. How are they going to hold the wedding that happens there and is near the beginning of the next book...and since Fleur didn't make an appearance, it will be interesting writing to see if they have the wedding...another favorite scene. Even with two films they will leave out so much as they have with all the films.
    I, too, am interested to see where they hold the wedding but we know that they do have it based on the DH previews they showed. [And Fleur was there!]

    As I wrote, the ESSENCE is there, though it felt like an ending rather than a continuation with Harry and Hermoine looking out over the golden lake as the Phoenix flies away. I know evil is out there waiting, but the last scene was soft, with no menace.
    It was an ending-- it's the end of their time at Hogwarts. Harry comments that he never realized how peaceful Hogwarts right before they watch the phoenix fly away. Essentially, they're saying goodbye to the life as they know it because they're going out into the unknown by themselves to try to find the horcruxes. I found that scene rather poignant, knowing what's to come for them.
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    Re: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

    I got it for Christmas! Harry Potter movies always make more sense each time you watch them! Lovely!

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