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Thread: The Assasination of Jesse James

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    The Assasination of Jesse James

    This movie premieres in selected theatres Sept.21. It's about time! It was filmed in 2005!

    Edmonton and area, was proud to be the location for a large part of the film. Our Fort Edmonton Park was the perfect place; train and all. There are currently tours available at the park which will include insider info about the film locations, including changes made to the steam engine and passenger cars, how buildings were modified to represent small-town Missouri and which store Jesse James robs in the film.

    McDougall’s General Store on 1885 Street is where a robbery scene was filmed. Visitors will also be shown where the shell of James’ home was constructed on 1885 Street. It was strictly a movie prop for outdoor scenes and has since been torn down. “There were a number of shots of Brad Pitt on the veranda of this house, and you’ll be able to know where it would have been.” The Kenneth McDonald house, also on 1885 Street, was used as the interior of James’ home.

    “It was an absolutely fascinating experience,” said Dawn Linman, a city employee who was on-scene during the shoot, acting as a liaison. “It was just amazing to see how they could take something that looks so familiar to us and turn it into a completely different town.”

    Linman said she’s definitely going to see the movie on the big screen.

    “If you’re there and someone stands up yelling, ‘That’s Fort Edmonton Park!’ That will probably be me and I hope they don’t throw me out.”

    During the shoot, Pitt was joined in Edmonton by his partner Angelina Jolie. The couple were routinely spotted around the city – shopping at West Edmonton Mall, picking up groceries at the Spruce Grove Safeway and dining at Julio’s Barrio on Whyte Avenue.

    While not officially part of the tour, Archbold joked visitors can also see the miniature golf course where Pitt, Jolie and her kids took a few swings on 1920 Street. “No one can confirm whether they played an entire 18 holes of golf,” she said.
    Fort Edmonton Park goes Hollywood

    We were also recently allowed to view on tv the home that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie and the kids stayed in while the movie was being filmed. It was a beautiful large country-style home out on a private acreage. The owner had to keep it a secret and stay in a hotel while they were there. She was also invited back to her own home, to meet Brad, Angie and the kids. I'm trying to find photos.

    The owner of the house usually rents the 3,220-square-foot bungalow in Osborne Acres near Spruce Grove for around $3,000 a month.

    After Brad and family left, everything was in order: no indications of wild parties, no bloodstains left over from late-night fight-clubbing and no short-shorts autographed by Lara Croft left lying in the hamper.

    The owners don't expect Brangelina's taste will bolster the property value of the home.

    Currently for sale, the house carries a price tag of $850,000.

    "Bumping it up to $1 million just because they stayed there? It's not likely, but a little (recognition) never hurt."
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    Re: The Assasination of Jesse James

    I read a review that says that it is very long, 2 hrs and 40 minutes and very slow like the de-mything westerns of the 70s and that while at first you don't have that good an impression you do thing about it once the movie is long over.
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    Re: The Assasination of Jesse James

    It is very long ... and it feels it. There were flashes of goodness but overall I'd rate it as a very middling picture.
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