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In the beginning of the story when Daniel Craig wakes up with the "bracelet" on his wrist and then starts having flashbacks about the woman, I really was interested in where the story was going to go. I was even surprised when we learned that he saw her die. The problem is that after that mystery was revealed, I didn't care much about what else was going on. Harrison Ford's character seemed like an afterthought. He had some okay development, but it didn't seem like a big enough role for him. But, by far, the biggest hole was around the explanation of the aliens. They were here for our gold!? The movie told us it was rare for them, but what were they using it for? Trade? Fuel? They also said they were stealing humans to figure out their weaknesses, but why was that even necessary? If they had just stayed holed up in their little faux-plateau extracting gold, it is likely no one would have ever known they were there. For a species with the ability to travel in space, they sure didn't seem very smart.