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  • Kate Hudson's character was a pain with no redeeming qualities.
  • When Gennifer Goodwin's character FINALLY got enough backbone to tell Colin Egglesfield that she loved him, the loser turned her down in favor of living the sham of a life that his father wanted him to pursue. It was never that clear to me WHY his parents liked Kate Hudson's character so much in the first place? Was she from a wealthy family? Did his dad just not want him to change his mind at the last minute? It felt like there was information missing here. The bottom line was that this guy clearly has no spine and she was better off without him.
  • So then John Krasinski's character admits his love for Gennifer Goodwin's character. This gets COMPLETELY left unresolved. Do they remain friends? Does he eventually find someone?
  • At the end when Gennifer Goodwin and Kate Hudson run into each other where does this go? Kate Hudson is almost too insistent that she is happy. Is she really? Is she still with that weirdo cousin who is the father of her baby? How much time has even passed, because she didn't seem very far into her pregnancy?
  • After the run-in with Kate Hudson I'm thinking that *maybe* they will surprise us and we will find out that Gennifer Goodwin actually ditched the loser and chose all-around-nice-guy-and-best-friend John Krasinski, but low-and-behold she went with spineless Colin Egglesfield. Booooo Hissss.