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- There was no explanation of Erica Berger and how important she is in Mikael's life. I don't even think they mentioned her by name.
- There were NO relationships for Mikael in this film other than his relationship with Lisbeth. I thought this was an odd choice since hopping from woman to woman is a fundamental characteristic of his personality.
- By the end of the first book Lisbeth and Mikael are quite close and she is about to confess her feelings when she runs into him with Erika, and hardens her feelings against him. This sets up for her blocking him out of her life as the story progresses into the next book. There was no set up for this at all.
- Unless I am remembering this incorrectly, when Martin Vanger dies in the book he commits suicide by intentionally driving into the oncoming semi. In the film they have him accidentally run off the road and them implicate Lisbeth in his death by her inaction. I did not care for this turn that tried to make her to blame.
- I think they changed the order of events in the investigation quite a bit. This part didn't bother me too much because it has been a couple of months since I read the book so I couldn't remember exactly what the sequence was supposed to be!!