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The film is set in the 80s, and provides superb commentary on the life and times. All those interchangeable yuppies. Remember how "semiotics" was such a fad in the 80s? The "science of signs." Everything was a "signifier." This film perfectly illustrates the emptiness behind all that they value (that which is "signified"), be it the trendiest restaurant, the best font, paper, and color choices on business cards, or the myriad styling products Bale's character uses, all in vain because the yuppies are so interchangeable that his character is constantly being mistaken for someone else (and having to hear himself dissed as a third person.) He gets away with horrors because even his own lawyer doesn't know who he is or believe his confession. He goes back to the scene of the crime only to find it whitewashed and the realtor pretending nothing ever happened. He becomes the existential everyman who has collapsed into complete meaninglessness and disconnection from other people.

And yet, couldn't they have made a movie that so beautifully expresses all this without slashing up so many women in such disturbing ways???? If parents want to scare their daughters off of sleeping with men they don't really know, show them this movie. It will leave a lasting impression. For everyone else, save yourself the nightmares.