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Thread: What Films Did You Watch Today?

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    Re: What Films Did You Watch Today?

    Quote Originally Posted by JohnnyK View Post
    I'd like to start watching movies again.

    I still haven't even finished Roxanne.

    I dunno the main reason I started watching these movies is because I was interested in how I'd react and how I'd rate them afterwards. But maybe it was for mostly nothing.
    I watch for entertainment. If it leaves me smiling or laughing or feeling emotionally invested, then it's a good movie to me. I tend to like movies that would never win an Award, but leave me feeling entertained.

    I always felt that Roger Ebert just plain liked to watch movies & be entertained.
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    Re: What Films Did You Watch Today?

    Casino is on Cinemax right now and I'm watching. It's been a long time since I've seen it. Really good movie!
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    Re: What Films Did You Watch Today?

    Well, I finally finished Roxanne.

    Well, I can sum it up in one word: Meh.

    It wasn't great.

    The acting was ok, I guess. Like I said, Steve Martin isn't a great actor but he's always really likeable. And he can come off as goofy without seeming stupid or annoying, unlike other people.

    The story was ok. A physically unattractive man (mainly in part due to his extremely long nose) falls for a woman, who falls for a typical jock looking "hot guy" (a coworker of Steve), who as we later find out is also kind of a doofus. His name is Chris. The feeling between Chris and Roxanne, at first, is mutual. However, Chris has no idea what to do. So he goes to Steve for help. Chris is then given the suggestion (or comes up with it himself, I already forgot) to write a letter to Roxanne. Chris, with Steve's help, gives it a shot. Chris isn't happy with what he himself is able to come up with, and loves the ideas Steve gives him. So he tells Steve to write the letters and Chris will then sign it. Roxanne loves the letters, which of course, she is led to believe that Chris wrote to her when in fact it was Steve.

    Chris and Roxanne then meet at her house, and Chris ends up coming off as a douchebag. Eventually, Steve, posing as Chris, fixes the current animosity between Chris and Roxanne, and they end up sleeping together.

    Later on, Chris starts seeing this other woman. In the end, he breaks it off with Roxanne and moves away with this new person.

    Now there's also someone in this story called Dixie. She was once married to Jack Torrance. You know, the guy who axed through doors and tried to kill his family? Well, about 7 years later, Dixie seems to have moved on from that horrific situation just fine.

    Anyway, she's a friend of Roxanne's, who knows that it's Steve writing the letters, and not Chris. Eventually, and after Chris breaks it off, she outs Steve as the real author.

    At first, Roxanne is pissed off. She accuses him of playing with her emotions and feels like Steve tricked her into sleeping with Chris.

    But the letters Steve wrote were from the heart. He wasn't faking them. Why were they so beautiful? Why did Roxanne love them so much? Because they were genuine.

    Eventually, Roxanne comes to realize that it was the letters that made her fall for who she thought was Chris.

    The movie ends up with Roxanne and Steve rekindle their relationship and they have their first kiss.

    So what's the moral of the story?

    I dunno.

    Don't judge a book by its cover.

    But like I said, the movie wasn't great. The story was okay but not great. Some of the scenes were dumb.

    My favorite scene would have to be this:

    Insults to a Nose - Roxanne (4/8) Movie CLIP (1987) HD - YouTube

    For my rating, I won't give it a 2 because then I'll pair it with National Security. Unlike National Security, the main character here was very likeable. 2.5 is a passing score.. yeah I think it works. 3 maybe if I feel nice.

    2.5 / 5

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    Re: What Films Did You Watch Today?

    JohnnyK, from your description of the movie, I wondered if you knew that this movie was based on the play "Cyrano de Bergerac," by Edmond Rostand, published in 1897. That play was somewhat based on the life of another real French aristocrat. In any case, it is a famous play that has been made into several movies, the most well known starred Jose Ferrer as Cyrano. It was also made into an opera in 1939 and a couple of musicals in late 20th and early 21st century.

    This only reason I mention this, since you may well have known all of it, is that you gave such a detailed description of the plot. I apologize if I misinterpreted your post.
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    Re: What Films Did You Watch Today?

    Yeah I knew of the Cyrano de Bergerac character, but I didn't know much about the original play. All I know is that in the play he too is in love with someone, but had difficulties because of his appearance.

    But now that I look it up, I see just how similar both stories are.

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    Re: What Films Did You Watch Today?

    I just watched "Edge of Darkness" with Mel Gibson (a Boston cop/detective) on Netflix whose 24 year old daughter is murdered right in front of him. The plot then has him investigating as to the why. Very good.
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    Re: What Films Did You Watch Today?

    So I plan to get through the Lethal Weapon trilogy... or the first three. Is there a fourth?

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    Re: What Films Did You Watch Today?

    There are four, but I always thought the first was the best.
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    Re: What Films Did You Watch Today?

    I recently saw this movie on Showtime. I loved it and highly recommend it. It's definitely different. That little girl who is the lead and star of the movie is incredible. No wonder she got nominated for an Oscar. IT's called The Beast of the Southern Wild.

    Beasts Of The Southern Wild - Official Trailer (2012) [HD] - YouTube

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    Re: What Films Did You Watch Today?

    So I finished the first Lethal Weapon.

    It was okay. I liked it and I'll happily watch the second.

    I'm not a fan of Mel Gibson in real life, but I liked him in the movie. Both his and Danny's characters were enjoyable, despite a couple homophobic remarks made by Mel's.

    The acting was fine. Some actors were better than others.

    The story was good, despite a couple scenes being a bit over the top unrealistic. The needed effects were good as well.

    I like a good action movie with some humor added. What this movie provided for action was good, and the humor was fair for me, even if it did not work every time.

    Also, Danny's daughter, the one that was kidnapped: Beautiful.

    For my rating I'd give it a 3.75, but since I do halfs and not quarters,

    3.5 / 5

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