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Thread: Now to the movies that made you cry?

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    The Notebook.

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    Quote Originally Posted by snickers View Post
    omg me too, i lost it! me and my friend were both crying, and i NEVER cry in movies, the last movie i cried at was the marisa tomei movie with christain slater, but that part when radio's mother died was just too sad, i think i got so upset cause it really happened.

    Are you talking about Untamed Heart?(the Marisa Tomei/Christian Slater movie) I cry almost every time I watch that one.

    I also cry during E.T quite a bit. I have seen Rent 3 times now and I've teared up every time, so I'll count that one too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by greenie View Post
    One of the first movies I ever cried at was "Dumbo". I love elephants, and when the mother is locked up and cradling dumbo it's just too sad.
    I totally agree! I'm an animation student, and this is my ALL TIME favorite movie (not bad for only being and hour and, like, 8 minutes long). First off.... the animation is just amazing. I mean... you're crying about a character who doesnt speak at all during the entire movie. I remember when I was looking for schools to apply to, one of the essay questions at school was "name a piece of animation or work that has influenced you." And I would have to bring up this scene. The only dialogue is a song playing in the background (which at one time, in high school, I had a teacher who would cry when I just sang the first line of that song). But the imaging in that once scene... oh man, I cry every single time, and i've been watching this movie since i was atleast 5. And this isnt humans expressing emotions. It's a bunch of drawings moving in rapid succession. And it makes me cry every single time.

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    My tear ducts run amok on me at times, even on some movies that aren't even cry worthy at all... [randomly breaks down sobbing while typing this and and turns away dramatically]

    ...Anyhow. Here's a partial list, because I think I could go on for a long long time

    - The Notebook. Whole last 30 mins, just tears.
    - Crash... crushingly depressing.
    - Million Dollar Baby
    - Lion King. This was that last Disney movie of my "childhood" (I was 11 when I saw in the theaters), and I totally let loose when Mufasa died!
    - My Girl
    - Schindler's List
    - The Pianist
    - Divided We Fall
    - And then there are those movies that I cry at when they have the "team wins" or the "journey is successful and they return home to their family" or "he DOES love her!" type of endings, and I tend to cry there a lot, too, but I think I might be a little too ashamed to write all of those down. Hee.

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    In my own little world where all things are Idol......
    Its a TV movie but I cry every time I watch it.
    Its called "The Other Sister" and it stars Juliette Lewis as a mentally challenged girl named Carla Tate. Her parents are played by Diane Keaton and Tom Skerritt and Carla falls in love with another mentally challenged boy played by Giovanni Ribisi.
    Great Great movie with great acting by Juliette and Giovanni but it makes me cry everytime I watch it (especially the end!)
    Reality is the beginning...not the end....Wallace Stevens

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    Here’s a little twist on the "crying" thing… maybe it’s a “guy” thing, maybe not.

    But I’ve discovered that what makes me cry is not sentimental reasons (my wife holds that position in our family – “Sleepless in Seattle” is just her cup of tea, whereas I feel nothing) but when someone feels inadequate or knows that a particular decision will cost them everything they hold dear, yet they go ahead and do it anyway and make the sacrifice -- that's what moves me to tears. (“The gallant soul facing the darkness…”)

    It works in books and movies and any art, for me. There is something inherently beautiful and touching in that nobility of character and the decision to sacrifice self for others.

    The other thing that makes me cry is transcendent beauty.

    The most recent movie that did that for me was “King Kong” – where Kong’s treatment of Ann Darrow (and how he protects her despite all the terrible wounds he suffers) reveals a beautiful heart and results in his death.

    1. Matrix Revolutions – where Neo realizes that his power is not strong enough to beat Smith, that he is mortal, and then he embraces his own death willingly.

    2. Beauty and the Beast – both where the Beast follows Belle and saves her from the wolves, where he lets her go home despite knowing that decision will leave him trapped a beast forever, and then at the end where he transforms back to human.

    3. American Beauty – Watching the bag dance; where Lester realizes what a terrible thing he is about to do to Angela and instead lets that desire go and comforts/protects her instead; and where Lester recalls his memories of Jane and Carolyn at the end of the movie.

    4. Road to Perdition – Where Sullivan shoots Macguire at the end as his last dying act, in order to protect his son’s innocence

    5. My Best Friend’s Wedding – the moment under the bridge where Jules does not say anything to Michael, and later when she lets him go despite her breaking heart… and he honors that by taking a moment for one last goodbye.

    6. Dead Poet’s Society – where Todd finally finds his voice and stands on the desk (yeah, melodramatic, but the internal drama was very real for Todd, and it was the first time he committed openly to something he believed in, despite feeling inadequate)

    7. The Incredibles – Where Dash realizes he can run on water (his joy is palpable), and where Mr. Incredible reveals to his wife that he just can’t “lose her again” – that he’s not “strong enough.” It took a lot to say that.

    8. Braveheart – the death of Wallace, where he finally sees his lost love walking through the crowd and he can finally go to his rest.

    9. The Sixth Sense – where Malcolm realizes he is actually a ghost, we see his death scene, and the very last image of he and his wife floating up on the screen as he releases her and goes to his rest (well, the scene where Cole and Malcolm say goodbye is heart-breaking too, due to Osmant’s perfect performance)

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    The new Narnia movie had me crying immediately, when all the mothers are putting their children on the train, that really got me sniffling. Memoirs of a Geisha made me cry, too. When the chairman gives the little girl the ice and the money, he was so kind after all the horrible things that had happened to her and then at the end when they get to be together.

    Also.......Napolean Dynamite....I was laughing so hard I was crying!!!
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    Anne Frank: The Whole Story and Dawn Anna. I hardly ever cry during movies, but these ones really got under my skin. Don't get me wrong, I love them both...They just make me emotional.
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    I just rewatched Philadelphia with Tom Hanks and was bawling so hard I don't even remember the end of it.

    Gone with the Wind - I've never seen the end of that one except through blurry teary eyes.
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    I just saw a movie that is fairly new called Crash and I balled my eyes out like crazy. I haven't cried like that in a long time........
    I'm going to look it up on here right now.
    (not the sex movie) I think there are 2 movies named Crash.
    The Pats will be back next year. Watch out.....

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