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Thread: Now to the movies that made you cry?

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    I just saw I Am Sam for the first time (Thanks, CBS), add that one to my list.

    Impressive acting on several peoples parts. First time I've encountered Dakota Fanning outside clips. WOW. For some reason I expect her to need a fairly large mantle for the awards she'll garner down the line.

    I was concerned for a moment before they broke for commercial that attorney client bonding was going to get umm... carried away; I hope it didn't.

    I didn't even recognize Mary Steenbergen. Though her voice had me trying to place her by the end of her testimony, I'd never have guessed it was her.

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    I saw "Whale rider" yesterday on pbs and i felt it.
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    yes said
    There aren't many movies that make me cry, but when I do, it's a sob fest.

    I'm with those who listed Steel Magnolias and Life As a House.

    I can't think of any more, but if I do, I'll let you know.

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    Okay this is going to be really strange but the first movie to make me cry was Backdraft

    I have to explain that . I considered myself tough as nails I wasn't going to cry at a movie so through all these sad movies where I was supposed to cry I didn't then I'm watching this movie and at the end some tears came...talking about surprised . What's worse is I began to cry at everything even t.v. shows! It opened up a floodgate...
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    Add A League Of Their Own to my list. When Tom Hanks has to tell Beverly that her husband's dead and then when Kit and Dottie are reunited at the end as they're singing their song,
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    Thats a good one Niles. A league of their own definetly.

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    lol flubbers a sad one

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    Troy I cried like a baby when King Priam begged Achilles to let him give his son, "Prince Hector" a proper funeral.

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    I just finished watching Deep Impact and my eyes are almost swollen shut from sobbing (not crying) so much!! I've seen this movie before but it still just rips my heart out to imagine a lottery that determines who gets to be saved and anyone over 50 isn't even considered. Now, I'm not 50 but I can't imagine leaving my mom knowing she is about to die......oh...gotta stop thinking about it...still makes me want to sob.....
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    When I was in high school, my Dad and I went and saw a lot of action movies together at the $2 theater in town. One day, he decided he wanted to go see Shakespeare in Love.

    We watched the movie and at the very end I look over and there are tears streaming down my Dad's face. My Dad NEVER cried and I was so touched to see him react to a love story like that. To this day, I can't watch that movie without thinking of my Dad and tearing up myself.

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