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Thread: Now to the movies that made you cry?

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    Oooo boy! I'm definitely in need of the "What Doesn't Make You Cry" listing!

    Off the top of my head:

    Terms of Endearment (too close to home now, cannot watch it, but I would routinely rent this when I needed a good cry and go through at least one box of Kleenex each time!)
    Return of the King - I was just shy of weeping... had I been at home - I definitely would have bawled
    Titanic - I wept, for sure! The woman in front of me was sobbing so it made it even worse for me to control myself.
    Stepmom - everytime
    Life is Beautiful
    Moulin Rouge
    The Man In The Moon (a little known movie from the early 90's starring Reese Witherspoon - her first movie actually)
    Fried Green Tomatoes
    Steel Magnolias
    The Lion King (when Moufassa dies)
    The Little Mermaid (when she says goodbye to her father)
    Beauty & the Beast (when she comes back to him)

    As I said, I cry at everything! Don't even get me started on TV shows!!!

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    The Joy Luck Club (one of the most profoundly sad movies I have ever seen)
    Fried Green Tomatoes (but boy did I love that one)
    Life is Beautiful
    Dr. Zhivago
    An Officer and a Gentleman
    (Recently) - Something's Gotta Give (just struck a chord with me I guess)
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    I cried recently watching the "In America" DVD.

    I cried the first time at a movie when I first saw "Brian's Song" in the 1970's.

    So I have been weeping at well done tear jerkers for 30 years now.

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    I cry at lots but most recently:

    - Black Beauty - a remake of the classic kid's book. Beautifully, beautifully filmed but I find stories about cruelty to animals so heartbreaking.
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    Sheesh.. I cry at American Idol when one of the dingbats had a good performance. Needless to say, I cry easily.

    The one movie that made me downright bawl was The Green Mile. When Michael Clarke Duncan (Duncan Clarke??) took hold of Tom Hanks' hand and said "I want you to see what I see..." I absolutely LOST it! Pathetic, choking sobs. Lots of em.

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    I can't believe no one has mentioned The Color Purple. Whenever I sit down to watch that movie I drag the box of Kleenex over to my side of the couch and prepare myself for a cry fest. When she is separated from her sister by the evil husband and her sister is dragged away... *sniff* WOW! That movie gets my hall of fame all time biggest tearjerker in the world award! And in the end, when the sisters are reunited, well, *sniff* it's great but it makes me cry buckets, too.

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    I have to agree Dinahann The Color Purple is one of my very favorite movies and I break down every single time I watch it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by djgirl5235
    Oooo boy! I'm definitely in need of the "What Doesn't Make You Cry" listing!
    Same here DJgirl!
    Last nite, I was watching CMT's 100 Greatest Love Songs and bawled the whole time.. Especially when Kenny Rogers sang "She Believes in Me".. It reminds me of my best guy friend.. he always says I believe in him, and I just bawled.. okay, this may sound so unbelievably stupid, but I cried when I watched Shrek... okay, yeah, weird, but when Fiona was riding away, he looked mad, but sad, and I totally bawled...here are a few more to make me cry...

    *The Passion of the Christ* I was a total wreck after watching this!
    *Freaky Friday* The scene where she makes the speech at the rehearsal dinner...
    *Finding Nemo* Don't ask
    *All the Fairy Tale Disney Movies*
    *Boy Meets World* Okay, weird, but a lot of their drama related to my life on that show!
    *American Idol*I feel sorry for the people who get dogged by Simon..

    again, I have tons more!
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    Quote Originally Posted by MarksLove
    The Joy Luck Club (one of the most profoundly sad movies I have ever seen)
    You know what's pathetic? When I first saw this movie (when it was first released in the theaters), I was already crying during the opening credits. That's because I had read the book before, and as the credits were playing, I was already remembering all the sad events that were going to happen, and that was enough to make me cry. I am such a softy.
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    If you loved The Color Purple, and The Joy Luck Club, you should check out
    Rosewood, it's a true story.

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