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Thread: Now to the movies that made you cry?

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    Grave of the Fireflies

    That is THE saddest movie. Ever. I was freakin sobbing for 10 minutes straight and had to sit on my mom's lap and smother her side. I was what..14 or 15. If you don't get at least a little bit teary-eyed while watching this movie, there is something seriously wrong with you.

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    I am sam
    A walk to remember (probably the worst)

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    Pink Prozac Bunny rabgal's Avatar
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    Does anyone remember crying at the movie the Champ? I was in the 7th grade bawled and squaled!
    That was the first movie to come to mind when I read the thread title. I think I was in grade 5 ... "Wake Up, Champ, Wake Up" *sniffle, sniffle, snort*

    Other tearjerkers:

    Big Fish
    Whale Rider
    About Schmidt
    ET (even after all these years)
    Saving Private Ryan
    Joy Luck Club
    Steel Magnolias
    Charlotte's Web
    Old Yeller
    Simon Birch
    Stand By Me
    My Dog Skip

    Okay I'm a pansy-ass - I'd cry at pretty much every episode of Little House on the Prairie
    "Well that's no ordinary rabbit. That's the most foul, cruel and bad tempered rodent you ever set eyes on."

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    I'm such a sappy person...

    *Steel Magnolias
    *Titanic-Especially when the little girls have to leave their daddy...
    *Radio-I hate the scene where they lock him in that room and throw footballs at the door and when his mom dies...big tear jerker
    *Hairspray-Yes, I know crazy, but when the drunk is singing along to the song about lost love, I bawl....
    *Selena!-Cried for so long!
    *Stepmom-My cousin and I went through almost two boxes of Kleenex when we watched this..
    *My Girl-The funeral scene when Veda begs for his glasses to be put on.. oh my gosh, that was sooo sad...
    *Walk to Remember-sooo sad, but the boyfriend is soooo sweet!
    *Crossroads-bawled like a baby...
    *To Kill a Mockingbird-I love that movie tho.. its sooo sweet
    *My Best Friend's Wedding-The scene where they dance on the boat.. awww!
    ~*Tennessee Sweetheart*~

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ignatius
    I can catch the last 5 minutes of any lifetime movie and be grabbing for Kleenex. Heck, I can cry for sitcom shows--for example, last weeks episode of 24 made me shed a few tears (when Kim and her father were saying their goodbyes).

    But for the life of me, I can't remember any specific movies; probably because crying is not noteworthy since I cry all the times. Going down the list that's already been hashed out here by others, I'm pretty sure my eyes were wet for all of those.

    *Going off topic here* My biggest cry of all times came from reading Gone With the Wind. I must have cried for the last hundred pages of the book (about 2 hours reading time) and then, and I know this sounds like exaggeration but I assure you I would *not* brag about this, I cried for another hour after I finished the book. Three straight hours of crying. And this happened, not only the first time I read the book, but the second and third, as well. What a book!
    Me too, I love Gone with the Wind the book, not the movie.......

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    Reading your thoughts
    I blubbered my way through Seabiscuit.................... ..

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    I still cry while watching In America

    I used to cry during
    Finding Nemo

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    [QUOTE=rabgal]That was the first movie to come to mind when I read the thread title. I think I was in grade 5 ... "Wake Up, Champ, Wake Up" *sniffle, sniffle, snort*

    Thanks Rabgal
    I had totally forgotten about The Joy Luck Club....Loved that movie.
    Does anyone remember Ice Castles and Ode to Billy Joe?I was a huge Robbie Benson fan and he starred in both movies back in the 70's.Both made me cry

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    Recently... "The Last Samurai".

    And the worst that I can remember in the past year, is easily "The Passion of the Christ". Sounds cliche, I know. I am not a hugely religious individual, but oh my goodness. I am a mother, and I lost it when she had the child flashback, when he fell down. The tears flowed heavily throughout that entire film.

    Isn't amazing how much we cry when we know what the ending is going to be... and what will happen...? IE: "The Passion", "Titanic", and "Pearl Harbor"

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    Just watched House of Sand and Fog last night...what a sob fest! Brilliant...I needed a good cry

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