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Thread: Down and Out with the Dolls - 03/21

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    Down and Out with the Dolls - 03/21

    Down and Out With the Dolls (2003)

    Synopsis: A comedic tale which charts the fast rise and fall of an all-girl, four-piece Portland rock band, The Paper Dolls. Working day jobs while dreaming of success, aspiring young rockers Kali, Lavender and Reggie get the jump start they need when local legend Fauna, singer for the obscure band The Snogs, joins them as lead singer. But Fauna, street-wise and opportunistic, just wants to use them on her way to stardom. The commercial direction in which Fauna is leading the band begins chipping away at their friendship. All comes to a head during a two-day party at the Doll House--a house into which they all have recently moved. The next morning, a body is found, someone is dead, and the Dolls' world changes forever.

    Genre(s): Comedy, Music Rating: MPAA R: Runtime: 88 mins Theatrical Release: 03/21/2003

    Cast & Role
    Zoe Poledouris - Fauna
    Kinnie Starr - Reggie
    Nicole Barrett - Kali
    Melody Moore - Lavender
    Coyote Shivers - Levi
    Lemmy Kilmister - Joe
    Sierra Feldner - Heather
    Brendan O'Hara - Mulder

    Crew & Credit
    Kurt Voss - Director

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    Hmmm..I've never even seen previews for this one. Sounds like it has potential to be funny, though.

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