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  • Salma Hayek for Frida

    1 8.33%
  • Nicole Kidman for The Hours

    6 50.00%
  • Diane Lane for Unfaithful

    3 25.00%
  • Julianne Moore for Far from Heaven

    0 0%
  • Renée Zellweger for Chicago

    2 16.67%
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Thread: Academy Awards 2003 - Best Actress in a Leading Role

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    Insert Funny "Quote" Here nofx242's Avatar
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    How is Kidman due an award what role was she really that good in. The only role I can think of is "To Die For" . This whole they should get the award cuz they are due is BS. Whoever has the best performence should get it. But, I know the oscar voters wont think that way.

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    Evil Slash Crazy Miss Filangi's Avatar
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    I don't mind if there isn't a clear overall standout performance.

    In cases like Hilary Swank, where she was essentially an unknown but had the unmistakably best performance, I think the Oscar voters had no choice but to give it to her.
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    I think I'll be happy with any of these getting the award, but I think my vote for best performance is Diane Lane in Unfaithful. I just remember watching that thinking that she was doing an amazing job.

    But then again, so did all these women.

    My sentimental favorite is Nicole, I'd like to see Salma Hayek win just for her tenacity in getting this film made, and I think Julianne Moore was also incredible in Far from Heaven (which I LOVED!). I guess Rene Z is my least favorite, although I thought she did a fine job.

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