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Thread: The Trials and Tribulations of Anna Nicole Smith

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    Beautifully said, Nemeses.
    It was me. I let the dogs out.

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    Nemeses - My vote for post of the week goes to you. Beautifully worded.
    I too believe she was a sad soul, just looking for love.
    May she rest in peace.

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    Nicely said, Nemeses. RIP Anna.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nemeses;2234329;
    I can only hope that Anna has finally found the love and peace that eluded her most of her life. She may have been a wife, a mother, a Playboy playmate.. but she was still just a little girl lost. Rest in peace now, Anna.

    I think you nailed it Nemesis.

    "she was just a little girl lost"... All her life she was looking for someone to love her.

    RIP Anna.
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    Rest In Peace. I wonder if she ever found real happiness?

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    Oh my goodness! She's gone! *gasps*
    OMG, Rest in Peace Anna, love you girl!
    The future of fashion, America's Next Top Model

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    Quote Originally Posted by rt1ky;2234339;
    I'm actually surprised at the hours of coverage the 24-hour news channels are dedicating to this. Even ET only dedicated a portion of their 30 minute show.
    I'm actually surprised any of it made it on to ET's show tonight, only because they seem to tape the show quite early in the day, judging by the news stories they seem to miss. I have no doubt tomorrow's episode will have much more about her.

    This is sad, but sadly, seeing her on ET this past week, it is not shocking. She was in such rough shape.

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    I was deeply saddened to hear of Anna Nicole's death. Both for her, her family, and her baby girl. She was aways searching for happiness and a sense of peace. Maybe now she has found her peace. "amgel

    Along with Elvis, and Marilyn Monroe, she was surrounded by people who professed their love, but did not love her. She was not taken care of. Physically, mentally or emotionally. Anyone could see that from her last several appearances. She experienced great tragedy amongst bits of joy.

    I truly hope that Dannielynn finds out who her true father is, and that she is somehow able to live some assemblance of a normal life. She has already lost her mom, and brother. And there are already wolves at the gate looking for any money and sensationalism that she can bring.

    I hope that Anna is truly at peace in heaven. For she really never found it here on earth.

    a haiku for ANS:

    Ann Nicole Smith
    Did she have any true friends?
    I blame Howard Stern
    Live simply ~ Love generously~ Care deeply~ Speak kindly

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    My heart breaks for her baby girl. The only thing that eases my mind is that she is now reunited with her son.

    R.I.P Anna

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ana Bannana;2234413;
    Nemeses - My vote for post of the week goes to you. Beautifully worded.
    I too believe she was a sad soul, just looking for love.
    May she rest in peace.
    I agree...beautiful post Nemeses....

    Did anyone watch Larry King Live tonight??? OMG...Chyna HAD to be on something tonight....LK should have NEVER had her on there!! That's another trainwreck waiting to happen! The Trimspa lady was ripping into Chyna saying that she needed to quit saying she was friends with ANS because she wasn't and that ANS thought that Chyna was a stalker because Chyna was all the time calling ANS!!

    PhoneGrrrl, I've wondered where Kim was too...does anyone know?

    I'm still quite shocked that she's died....it really gives me such a sad feeling....its just sad all the way around....sad for her little girl...sad that ANS didn't really have any family she was close to....sad for ANS that she's going to be ripped apart and scrutinized and analyzed so much in the media in the upcoming weeks. I'm afraid of what's going to happen regarding Anna's money and how her family may come out of the woodwork....heck, they were even talking about her mom or sister fighting for custody of that child...poor ole ANS would be rolling in her grave if that happened!

    Part of me hopes that they find out she died from something other than drug or alcohol related so that she won't be victimized in the media...tonight on LKL they were saying since she had recently had a C-section that blood clots could still occur.........

    Wished we had a smilie for hanging our head in sadness and feeling down....I would definitely use it right now.......... ::sigh::
    Reality is the beginning...not the end....Wallace Stevens

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