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    From 1966 to 1978, the Zodiac Killer claimed victim after victim in the San Francisco Bay area, repeatedly taunting law-enforcement authorities with direct messages bragging about his deeds. The killer is officially blamed for six murders, but claimed to have killed some 37 people and could have been responsible for as many as 50. When Zodiac starts killing again, the son of the broken journalist who tracked his every move and the retired cop who never caught him, continue the search to find the notorious serial killer.

    Director Credit
    David Fincher Director

    Cast Credit
    Jake Gyllenhaal Graysmith
    Mark Ruffalo Dave Toschi
    Robert Downey Jr Paul Avery
    Anthony Edwards Armstrong
    Gary Oldman Melvin Belli
    Chloe Sevigny Graysmith's Girlfriend
    Pell James Cecelia Shepard
    Patrick Scott Lewis Bryan Hartnell
    Micah Sauers David Graysmith
    Zachary Sauers Aaron Graysmith
    Zach Grenier Mel Nicolai
    Ciara Hughes Darlene Ferrin
    Bijou Phillips Linda Ferrin
    Donal Logue Ken Narlow
    Ione Skye Kathleen John
    Ezra Buzzington

    Looking forward for this to come out on DVD.

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    I really want to see this one.

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    This looks like a really well thought out suspense. I'm looking forward to it and I can't wait to see it.

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    CA, this is a true story, and I would most highly recommend the book Zodiac by Robert (?) Graysmith, former editor of the San Francisco Chronicle. I'm sure it will be reprinted and widely avaliable to coincide with the release of this movie. It's one of my favorite books, ever. Don't bother with the second one published a few years ago, where Graysmith thinks he's uncoved Zodiac's identity. I think Graysmith's semi-obsession with this case made him desparate to solve it, but unfortunately, DNA has proved his theory wrong.

    As to the movie, I really want to see this one, and just hope the whole thing hasn't been fictionalized beyond all recognition as happened in Black Dahlia
    Obviously, since it involves the son of the "broken journalist" Graysmith, and the killings starting over, it deviates quite a bit from the truth, but I hope it will retain the feeling I got from reading that book, because that's some weird and scary stuff!
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    Quote Originally Posted by queenb;2255579;
    As to the movie, I really want to see this one, and just hope the whole thing hasn't been fictionalized beyond all recognition as happened in Black Dahlia
    It's difficult to do that though, especially with movies like this. Nobody was ever charged, so how can these movies have a plausible ending?

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    i have heard of the zodiac being one of the most notorious killers of all times, so the plot is appealing knowing its base on someone true.

    I'm Definitely going to see this. I need to support Jake Gyllenhaal, and i'm sure many jake fans will do the same. I guess he made a huge wave of fans ever since brokeback mountain and will continue to do so, throughout ever movie he stars in, in the near future. I can't wait!

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    I saw this one. It was incredibly long and painful. I wanted to leave several times throughout the movie but my friend insisted that she wanted to see the movie because we had already been sitting there for 2 and a half hours.

    The movie was very repetitive. You hear the same sentences over and over again. I'm sure if Zodiac was about 2 hours and just got straight to the point instead of taking huge pointless detours.

    On a scale from one to ten, ten being the best, I give this movie a 3.5. Why? Because Jake Gyllenhaal is ' so darn perrrrtyyy '

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    I do agree that the movie was long and if it was shortened it would be a lot better, but it was a decent movie. Although I wouldn't see it in theaters because of the length...

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