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Thread: Devdas - 03/14

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    Devdas - 03/14

    From Hollywood.com

    Synopsis: An epic love story set in the 1900s which reveals a portrait of love destroyed by class differences, family pressures, and character weaknesses. Devdas is the wealthy son of a high-caste landlord. His best friend growing up, whom he loved dearly, was Paro, the daughter of a low-caste family. After moving to London, Devdas returns home after ten years to find that Paro is about to be married off to a rich landowner. Devdas sinks into alcoholism, and is later visited by Paro who admits to still loving him.
    Rating: Not available
    Runtime: 181 mins.

    Cast & Role

    Shah Rukh Khan -- Devdas Mukherjee
    Madhuri Dixit -- Chandramukhi
    Aishwarya Rai -- Parvati/"Paro"
    Jackie Shroff -- Chunnilal
    Kiron Kher -- Sumitra,Paro's Mother
    Smita Jaykar -- Kushalya, Devdas' Mother
    Vijayendra Ghatge -- Zamindar Bhuvan
    Ananya Khare -- Kumud

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    An Indian movie, I watched it last summer...has a Shakespearean quality to it.It's a remake of an Indian Classic.

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