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Thread: Breaking and Entering

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    Breaking and Entering


    A young Muslim thief breaks into the office of a yuppie architect in London; afterwards the architect re-evaluates his life. A series of related events intersects the lives of the two men with a variety of other people in the seedy inner-city area of Kings Cross.

    Director Credit
    Anthony Minghella Director

    Cast Credit
    Jude Law Will Francis
    Vera Farmiga Oana
    Juliette Binoche Amira
    Martin Freeman Sandy
    Ray Winstone Bruno Fella
    Mark Benton Legge
    Robin Wright-Penn Liv
    Rafi Gavron Miro
    Poppy Rogers Bea
    Juliet Stevenson Rosemary

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    I haven't heard anything about this movie, but the fact that it's directed by Minghella and Ray Winstone is in the cast mean I'll at the very least look out for it when it's on dvd.

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