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Thread: Best Spy related flicks

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    Best Spy related flicks

    As I post this, one of the recycling headers competing for attention on AOL's page is

    "Why this could be the best spy thriller ever made"

    The reference is to The Good Shepherd. Nothing visible in the accompanying blurb or on their buddies Movietone link indicating how anyone there concluded that best ever is a possibility.

    Not that I expect much from this pair of hucksters (AOL/Movietone) currently. I'm still feeling surly over them believing a 'Are they Dead or Alive' quiz about actors either wholy in the grave or who they apparently believe have at least one foot prepositioned there. Pretty poor taste in entertainment themes in my opinion.

    Back to best ever, they mention a man (Damon) losing his soul to the C.I.A., their nonsensical fluff evidence being he was practically forced into marrying Angelina Jolie {how horrific }.

    Seriously though, beyond just promotion and getting people to click links, are assertions supposed to mean anything? Does DeNiro being the director make it the best ever in someway? Having Matt Damon and Angelina Jolie starring?

    It'll likely be awhile before I see this movie. Until then, and some rationale for considering it as perhaps the best spy flick ever, I'll continue, when considering that phrase to think of movies such as

    The Ipcress File

    The Spy Who Came In From The Cold

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    I don't think these are the best spy flicks ever, but I really enjoyed the BOURNE IDENTITY films...

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    I'm generally pretty reticent about thinking in terms of best, both because theres generally so wide a universe of selections to choose from in whatever is being measured and because what is deemed best varies so greatly depending on who is making the call.

    There are some movie and book critics where their label of superiority makes me want to seek it out, and others where the same stamp of approval indicates to me the likelihood that a stinker awaits.

    Casting aside "best", which I brought up because others used it in what I considered suspect manner, I'd say that the Bourne series is highly entertaining, and thats about as much as one ought to expect from most thrillers.

    The two movies I'd mentioned earlier are unmistakably spy movies, but just like with books, when considering the spy genre in movies, its one with rather fluid borders.

    A couple of movies I'd say fit the label at least for discussions sake are

    Three Days of the Condor


    The Killer Elite

    Both relative oldies, then again most movies I think of are.

    I was impressed back when with Three Days of the Condor and remain so when viewing it these days. For a nominal 'spy' considering he's employed by the CIA, Robert Redford's character was quick on the learning curve when his life depended on it, just observant enough to save his hide a couple of times. His knowledge of telephone operations impressed me the most, likely more than it ought to.

    The Killer Elite types are more on the order of Bourne as I recall, shadowy agencies or flat out mercenaries who were generally once aligned with one government of another before splintering off. Its been awhile since I've seen it; at the moment I'm recalling if you plan on shooting James Caan, plan on killing, otherwise the hour clock of your life just started its last cycle.

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