The year is 1965, and Edie Sedgwick is living every young girl's dream. Rich, ambitious and breathtakingly beautiful, Edie's life changes forever when she meets Andy Warhol, New York's most famous artist, and the man who will transform this trust fund baby into the Big Apple's most dazzling Superstar. At the center of this exciting and decadent new world is The Factory, Warhol's downtown loft, a place where musicians, artists, actors and all types of misfits gather to create art and movies during the day, and to throw fabulous parties at night. It is here that Edie takes her place at Andy's side, as the Factory's most alluring and irresistible Superstar. Edie has the world at her feet. Every woman wants to be her. Every man wants to be with her. But unable to find the love she craves from Andy and The Factory, Edie turns to the "voice of a generation" singer-songwriter Danny Quinn, a captivating and talented musician who represents everything that Andy is not--where Andy is all cool surfaces, Danny burns with the fire of his convictions. Danny pushes Edie to free herself from Andy, who has been using her in his movies but never paying her. Edie quickly falls for Danny, but every affair has its price.

Director Credit
George Hickenlooper Director
Cast Credit
Guy Pearce Andy Warhol
Sienna Miller Edie Sedgwick
Hayden Christensen Danny Quinn
Jimmy Fallon Chuck Wein
Meredith Ostrom Nico
Michael Des Barres Al Sorenson
Jack Huston Gerard Malanga
Mena Suvari Richie Berlin
Alexi Wasser Lexa
Armin Amero Ondine
Peter Bogdanovich James Townsend
Shawn Hatosy Syd Pepperman
Tara Summers Brigid Berlin