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Thread: Notes of a Scandal

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    Notes of a Scandal


    Barbara Covett, the keeper of an acerbic diary, is a domineering and solitary teacher who rules with an iron fist over her classroom at a decaying state-run secondary school in London. Save for her cat, Portia, Barbara lives alone, without friends or confidantes--but her world changes when she meets the school's new attractive art teacher, Sheba Hart. Sheba appears to be the kindred spirit and loyal friend Barbara has always been seeking. But when she discovers that Sheba is having an incendiary affair with one of her young students, their budding relationship takes an ominous turn. Now, as Barbara threatens to expose Sheba's terrible secret to both her husband and the world, Barbara's own secrets and dark obsessions come tumbling to the fore, exposing the deceptions at the core of each of the women's lives.

    Director Credit
    Richard Eyre Director
    Cast Credit
    Judi Dench Barbara Covett
    Cate Blanchett Sheba Hart
    Bill Nighy Richard Hart
    Alice Bird Saskia
    Andrew Simpson Steven Connolly
    Phil Davis Brian Bangs
    Michael Maloney Sandy Pabblem
    Juno Temple Polly Hart
    Max Lewis Ben Hart
    Joanna Scanlan Sue Hodge

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    I think this looks fantastic.
    I've been eagerly awaiting this movie for quite some time.

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    I saw "Notes" yesterday. Wow! Amazing performances by Dench and Blanchett. Judi Dench was so creepy that I was uncomfortable watching her. She truly deserves an Oscar for the prtrayal of Barbara Covett. Probably her best acting yet.

    Highly recommended!

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    I hate when they release movies like this to only one or two theaters. It is playing in maybe three theaters in my city, none of which are convenient for me. I guess they think that the audience for such a movie is limited but, really, I think they do the audience an injustice by following such thinking. I'm hoping it goes into wider release soon, as I would like to see it.
    Before we begin, what are the parameters of the guessing game? How many guesses do I get? Is there a time limit?

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