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So the story goes and nobody wants this donkey as it is old and weak. The dark begins to fall and the boy doesnít want to go home since he knows what awaits his donkey. The all of a sudden a man appears, saying that he is very poor but he is in need of a donkey to take his pregnant wife to Bethlehem. The boy is happy just knowing that the donkey will have a new home with people who appreciate him.

Iím not normally into Biblical stories but this is really touching. I think I have seen it once or twice, but I remember that tears were running down my cheeks. Itís just so sad and you really feel the boyís despair, even though it is a short cartoon. The thing is, not many people have seen it and, when I tell them about it they can never really grasp just how sad it is. Itís just me, my sister and my dad; that I know of.