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Thread: I Jus luv JLO

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    I Jus luv JLO

    argh......this was on a page when I logged on to my computer.
    Jenny from the block???? oh spare us!! Read on..........

    ©Sony Pictures

    Demanding Diva
    J.Lo causes more drama in Britain.

    By BeatBoxBetty

    She may have played a chambermaid in her last movie and she may claim she has more in common with her 'domestic help' character than her superstar persona -- but Jennifer Lopez is far from us regular folk. And it's becoming crystal clear that she has less and less sympathy for the ones who have to put up with her demanding diva ways.

    Case in point: To promote Maid In Manhattan, our little Jenny recently dragged her entire entourage (rumored to be 20-35 people) to Britain where the gang checked into several luxury suites at London's posh Metropolitan hotel. British papers claim her entourage included security guards, hairdressers, a personal fitness trainer, a dietary adviser and make-up artists.

    The hotel management was -- of course -- presented with a very long list of demands which included Cristal champagne in her suite, white curtains, white linen, white lilies, humidifiers and pricey Diptique candles. Chefs were also put on high alert and told that Ms. Lopez wanted eggs for breakfast... but they were only to use egg whites.

    Okay, fine -- she's a control freak -- but here's where it gets real funky. According to the UK's The Mirror, Jen flew into a rage when she overheard hotel staff saying that she'd been checked into the same room used by P. Diddy the last time he was there. She said there was no way she'd stay in the same room as her ex and demanded that all of her baggage and chotckies be moved into another suite as far away from the one used by Mr. Diddy.

    "The whole thing was a farce," says a disgruntled staff member. "We had to lug all of her stuff from one room to another -- it took forever. "It wouldn't have been so bad if it hadn't taken so long to do up the first room just the way she liked it... no one had the guts to tell her to grow up and stop being so silly. Everyone was just bending over backwards to keep her happy."

    Soon after throwing the fit at the hotel, J-Lo greeted fans outside the Maid In Manhattan premiere in London's Leicester Square and claimed: "I started out in the Bronx, I know what it's like to get on the train everyday, work 9-5 and have dreams and aspirations. I definitely see a lot of me in the character." Yeah right.

    This is coming from a diva who still has Germany spinning from her visit last week. On that little excursion she was once again accompanied by her huge staff -- including, not one, but two eyebrow specialists, a hairdresser, color adviser, personal trainer and a 'life' coach. Perhaps someone should coach her that life is far more enjoyable the simpler you make it -- at least on the servants!


    of this one!! I am!!! Again though it's like watching a train wreck.
    If it's there I'll read it.......kinda like Michael Jackson......ugh!

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    plaisirs volatils raindance's Avatar
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    J Lo :""I started out in the Bronx, I know what it's like to get on the train everyday, work 9-5 and have dreams and aspirations. I definitely see a lot of me in the character."


    What a unlikeable character.
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    I don't understand how people like JLo can get so disconnected from the real world.

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    Everytime I hear "J Lo" I think about FOX News' Shepard Smith and his "curb job" tongue tying incident. That's one of the best TV bloopers I've ever seen, mostly because I don't like the guy.


    There's the link. (disclaimer - He says a "bad word" in there so dont go if you dont wanna hear such things )
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    can i have your heart? unexplained's Avatar
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    Well yah, she can be an absurd prima donna. But I'm a fan of hers.

    I think she's talented. Let's just say all the fame and glamour just overwhelmed her. Right.
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    Send her to Iraq. Saddam will surrender will just surrender instead of having to put up with her.

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    What bothers me about her is that she has this song, "Jenny from the Block" where she says how she'll never forget where she came from. But to me it sounds like the way she treats people that she considers "beneath her", she has forgotten. People like her annoy me. :fight

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    I do not know her personaly, but from the way she goes through men I am not excited about her.

    I do like her performances weather singing or acting. She is talented.
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    Warning- I'm about to say something somewhat complimentary about J-Ho.

    She's very talented. At self-promotion.

    She's a mediocre singer, actress and dancer.

    What intelligent men like P-Diddy, (yes, he's intelligent) Cris Judd and Ben Affleck see in her is beyond me.

    Nevermind, I think I can guess.

    A bitch is a bitch is a bitch. And they had many on my block.
    If you go through a lot of hammers each month, I don't think it necessarily means you're a hard worker.
    It may just mean that you have a lot to learn about proper hammer maintenance.

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    It ain't easy being green Wayner's Avatar
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    But being blue is more work.
    Miss F, I knew I could count on you to weigh in on this topic. You always do a better job of expressing my feelings about J-Ho better than I ever could myself.

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