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Thread: The Descent

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    The Descent

    Months ago, a good friend of mine managed to get me a copy of The Descent on dvd, after I had read a lot about it on the internet. As a horror fan, I can definitely see why this movie gets such rave reviews, as its sense of dread and claustrophobia is overwhelming, the movie is shocking, tense and most importantly, scary, something which so many "horror" movies these days lack. It's might be rather slow during the first half, but it's most definitely worth seeing.

    Only problem I find with it at the moment is that, obviously, people know there are monsters down in the cave, thanks to the stupid trailers showing them so much. I find that the monsters were the biggest surprise of the movie, and it's best to go see the movie expecting to see only six women trapped in a cave, getting hysterical and turning against one another by devolving into their most primal instincts in order to survive, and nothing else beyond that. When I showed the movie to a group of friends, I purposely didn't tell them about the monsters, and when the nasties finally appeared, it was a huge shock to them, and they loved it. Sadly, the magic of that shock is now gone for just about everybody.

    Still, The Descent is an excellent horror movie, so I'm reccomending it to ya'll in here who like horror movies. The director was also the fellow who directed Dog Soldiers, a fun action/horror movie about soldiers trying to survive the onslaught of a group of werewolves, so if you ain't seen that one yet, rent it too. ^_^

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    I saw this a couple of months ago and thought it was genuinely scary - a rare thing in modern horror cinema, unfortunately, although it ought to be a given. Very claustrophobic and disturbing, and I thought all the actors did a great job conveying the fear and desperation, too. I hadn't seen any of the trailers, so the monsters were a huge shock to me. As I recall, I spilled a glass of soda all over my couch when they appeared. I did know about the second big plot twist, though, thanks to a blabbermouth friend who didn't know that I wanted to see the movie until after she'd spilled the beans. Hate it when that happens, which is why I won't say a thing about it here unless spoiler tags are involved. Still, I'd recommend The Descent to any horror fan.

    On a side note: I got a big giggle out of the actress who suddenly started speaking Swedish in the beginning of the movie! Apparently, one of the actresses is from Sweden, which explains it. It did throw me off a bit first, though.
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    OK - I saw this and Loved it! It was very suspenseful and had me jumping at the slightest movements. The fight scenes were incredible. It was only released in theaters here a couple of weeks ago. It didn't matter that the trailers hinted at what was in the cave. Nothing prepares you for what the film shows. It was very scary, tense, suspenseful, and overall, very entertaining.

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