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Thread: Dischord - 02/28

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    Dischord - 02/28

    From Hollywood.com

    Synopsis: On the brink of her world tour, and at the height of her success, alternative rock violinist, Gypsy, inexplicably disappears. Soured by the industry's commercialism, and concerned over her disintegrating marriage, Gypsy slips away with her husband, Lucian, a famous New Age composer, to the desolate environs of off-season Cape Cod, where he was raised. Yet, even here, Gypsy cannot escape her talent and celebrity. Lucian's arrogant exterior thinly masks an element of his professional jealousy, which threatens to destroy what little remains of their once vibrant marriage. While Gypsy searches for personal and creative peace, the couple's retreat is disrupted by the unexpected arrival of Lucian's estranged brother, Jimmy. Unbeknownst to them, Jimmy is silently tormented by his shattered past and has brutally killed his girlfriend. As a retired local detective closes in on Jimmy, another dead body turns up in the local waters. Meanwhile, Jimmy is becoming increasingly captivated by Gypsy's free-spirited nature, and as Lucian further alienates Gypsy, she is left in Jimmy's more attentive company. When Jimmy and Gypsy become friends, this unlikely bond between a tormented murderer and a pure artist strains the delicate balance of nature into discord.

    Rating: MPAA NR
    Runtime: 102 mins.

    Cast & Role

    Thomas Jay-- Ryan Jimmy
    Annunziata Gianzero -- Gypsy
    Dick Bakalyan -- Detective Dunbarton
    Andrew Borba -- Lucian
    Rick Wessler -- The Beachcomber
    Michael DeLuise -- Billy Dunbarton
    Thomas Crawford -- Patrolman Swenson
    Alex MacArthur -- Record Executive

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    Alternative rock violinist?

    I don't see this as being a movie I'd visit the theatre to see.
    "That's Numberwang!"

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    Me neither.

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