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Thread: The Movies you Own

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    Well, I have a DVD player that plays any region, so I just buy directly from Germany. The shipping is very expensive though, so I tend to wait until I have at least 5 DVDs then I order them. The reason why I purchase directly from Germany, is because I am able to purchase copies with German subtitles. If you purchase a copy of DVD from USA, it only comes with English subtitles. (I speak German and French besides English and ASL).

    If you have a DVD player that plays only Region 1 DVDs, then buying DVDs from Germany is not a good idea because it wont be playable on your DVD player. European DVDs are formatted for Region 2.

    If you look for him on the German Amazon website, be sure to add the umlauts to the u, or you wont get the results. (Benno Fürmann). If you do speak German, you can read the reviews for the following actors:

    Benno Fürmann

    Franka Potente

    Then if you click on shopping by Yahoo, it will give you all list for prices and vendors.

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    What is the best movie you own??

    Ikiru, The Martin Scorsese Collection, Once upon a time in the west, Family Guy Vol. 1, Grave of the Fireflies, Muholland Falls, Blood Simple

    What is the worst movie you own??

    Strange Days

    What is the most embarassing movie you own??

    Private Parts

    What is the next movie you plan to buy?

    Kill Bill Director's Cut, Shawshank Redemption Remastered, Tokyo Story, anything by Akira Kurosawa, Indiana Jones trilogy, Road to Perdition

    I'll add a couple more categories:

    Best bargain DVD?

    Secret Garden, $6.88
    Last Samurai (double-DVD), $8
    Once upon a time in the west (double-DVD), $13
    Waking Life, $8
    Man who wasn't there, $8

    Best place to buy DVDs?

    Walmart (love the $6.88 clearance bin), HMV (wide selection), Rogers Video (great prices on used discs), Deja Vu Discs (a local used CD/DVD store).
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