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Thread: Failure to Launch

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    Failure to Launch

    I saw this movie yesterday and found it absoultely hysterical.

    Matthew M and Sarah Jessica Parker were great but I loved the people that played their friends even more. Kathy Bates and Terry Bradshaw also have really funny parts playing Matthew's parents.

    I would highly recommend it if you need a good laugh and it is not too mushy either.
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    I love SJP and am growing very fond of Mathew as well. I'm glad you thought it was great. Now that my DVD player is working I may wait until it comes out, or someone takes me to the movies! I've heard it's not fantastic, but a good date movie.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JLuvs View Post
    Matthew M and Sarah Jessica Parker were great but I loved the people that played their friends even more.
    Same here! Zooey (?) was so funny and quirky, I wish she'd had a bigger part.

    My friend was saying that the bird resuscitation scene was similar to something in another movie. It seemed familiar to me, too, but we couldn't place it....does anyone else know?
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    I really love this movie it exceeded my expectations. My husband even liked it. There were more than a few laugh out loud moments. I thought it was really well cast with Terry Bradshaw as the dad and all the other sidekicks it was great. The one paticular friend who played the sidekick in National Treasure was hilarious. I would love to see him in more films!

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