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Thread: Sexual harrassment or fair game?

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    Sexual harrassment or fair game?

    I think the guy is a 1st class creep who crossed the line. You decide:

    No apologies from Isaac Mizrahi
    Fashion designer may tone down his questions for Oscar red carpet show

    Teri Hatcher's not the only one who thought E!'s new red carpet fashionista, Isaac Mizrahi, went too far at the Golden Globes.

    Even Isaac agrees with the criticism.

    In his first interview since his headline-making appearance, the designer actually apologizes.

    But…he also gave us fair warning.

    “Did you think you crossed the line at any point?” Access Hollywood's Tim Vincent asked.

    “Do I think I crossed the line?” Isaac mused.

    During the Golden Globes, Isaac asked Teri what kind of underwear, if any, she was wearing.

    Although she played along, it wasn't exactly the type of question she (or the audience) was expecting.

    Then he went ahead and asked Kiera Knightley, Jessica Alba, Sandra Oh and Queen Latifah the same question.

    “Why did you want to know if they were wearing underwear or not?” Tim asked.

    “Because it’s just interesting to me,” Isaac told Tim.

    But was it interesting TV?

    The flamboyant designer had many “what was he thinking?” moments during his red carpet foray. Indeed, Isaac went where no interviewer has gone before.

    He even asked Eva Longoria: “Is it bikini down there, completely bare, your body hair?”

    Once again, although she laughed it off during the live broadcast, Eva was clearly not amused.

    “What about asking, ‘Are you shaven?’ to Eva Longoria,” Tim asked.

    “Well, why not?” Isaac said. “I don't know why you can't ask that question on TV. I don't think that question is improper in certain terms if you are at home and you know her and you are relaxing but on a red carpet live TV show...”

    “Well, that's what history told us,” Isaac explained. “That it was somewhat controversial. But I don't know. I didn't feel in the moment that it was controversial.”

    However, the moment he felt 21-year-old Scarlett Johansson's breast on live TV could be viewed as extreme.

    “What's going on?!?” said a startled Scarlett during the Globes.

    “I felt Scarlett's boob! I felt Scarlett's boob!” Isaac chortled at the time.

    Isaac claimed it was all in the name of fashion.

    Being a designer, Isaac pokes and prods celebrities during a fitting in order to get just the right look. This was just the wrong place and time to do it.

    “Scarlett Johansson, you actually groped,” Tim said.

    “I know, didn't I?” Isaac said. “I didn't grope her. I touched the dress. I was touching the dress to see how it was.”

    “You groped her,” Tim insisted.

    “I didn't,” Isaac said. “I touched the dress to see if there was a bra underneath and there was.”

    Despite his on-air antics, Isaac defends his work and E! is behind him, signing him on to their live red carpet pre-Oscar coverage.

    “Do you feel that you have to apologize to anybody?” Tim asked.

    “No, I didn't do anything wrong but apology is a different thing,” Isaac said. “Here is what I will say. If anyone was offended, I'm sorry. If anyone was offended, I'm sorry. That's it.”

    So come Oscar time, you will see a different Isaac on the red carpet, but as he told us, don't expect him to ask the stars about their violin and stamp collections.
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    I wasn't offended by his comments, I just found them to be stupid and a bit annoying so I switched him off.
    I think E are stupid for signing him for the Oscars

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    He was disgusting! Yuck!

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    I didn't see any of it. When I read he asked what kind of underwear everyone was wearing I thought that's just stupid but not sexual harrassment. Then when I read he asked Eva if she was shaved I was shocked. And thought yeah that might be harrassment. But when I read he grabbed Scarletts breast I was absolutely appalled. He should be fired immediately. And I wouldn't blame Scarlett for filing a sexual harrassment complaint. I don't care if he is a designer and used to groping women. She wasn't his client at that moment. Doctors don't walk up to strangers and start cutting them open. I hope not one celebrity stops and does an interview with him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CantGetNuf View Post
    ...I wouldn't blame Scarlett for filing a sexual harrassment complaint...I hope not one celebrity stops and does an interview with him.
    I thought that too. This was just too degrading.
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    He should've asked Scarlett first before he can touch her dress - if anything.
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    I think he exhibited poor judgement and then did so again by not taking responsibility for it. Everyone makes mistakes. Even so, two wrongs do not make a right.

    Three lefts do make a right though. Hehe!
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    He is so full of himself. When he was on an episode of Apprentice, he was offended when one of the women couldn't pronounce his name right, like everyone was supposed to know who he is. And he accused one of them of talking to him like a child but yet he finds it okay to ask women inappropriate questions? I will never buy any of his clothing!

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    The questions he asked were inappropriate. Groping Scarlett was not only inappropriate but out of line. Trying to excuse it by saying it was in the name of fashion is lame. She should have slapped the crap out of him and said she was rehearsing a scene.
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    The culture is hitting new lows everyday. Asking women about their underwear on tv? I used to work as a telephonist for 1-800 numbers. People would ring us up to ask about products. We'd also get idiots claiming to have planted bombs in our building (they assumed we were in London, but we weren't; I'd always say, oh yes, and what city have you planted this bomb in? "London?" "BEEEEP" I'd answer. "Birmingham?" "wrong! next!"), and also men wanting to know what colour underwear we were wearing. That was considered harrassment and we were supposed to hang up on them. Just because these women are being paid a gazillion dollars does not give this man the right to invade their privacy. It's just tasteless. (and for the record, I permanently got rid of one of our regular underwear fetishists. One night in stead of hanging up our conversation went as follows:
    "Hello, Acme copiers!"
    heavy breathing on his part
    "what colour knickers are you wearing? They're red aren't they?"
    "now, has anyone ever answered this question?"
    "er, no"
    "and they are never going to, are they"
    "probably not". Click. end of pervert.)

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