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Nothing makes it okay, but I'm reading past her rudeness to try to understand what I think are the larger issues she is trying to address.
I dunno. I saw both movies and thought CRASH was superb. Brokeback Mountain? Eh, but I will say...I liked the movie better than her novella (or whatever it's called), which I thought was overly melodramatic and not the most inspired writing I've ever read.

The fact is that whenever there's a competition like the Oscars, and let's face it, it IS a competition...there is a winner and there are losers. Brokeback Mountain lost to Crash in that particular category. To call it "Trash" is just poor sportsmanship!

If her political agenda is that it didn't win because it revolved around a gay theme, she may have some merit there. But being about an important subject doesn't make it a better film.

Also, every studio handles its Oscars campaign differently, but almost all of them innundate the voters with screener tapes/DVDs and sometimes gifts (although I understand there's a limit now so as to prevent bribery). Brokeback sent Heath and Jake off to do the dog and pony show for every newsmagazine show/magazine that would have them.