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Thread: The Ring - What A Stupid Ending - Spoiler!

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    I must be a movie wimp because I had nightmares for a few nights after seeing this back when it first came out on DVD. Then just a couple of weeks ago, I had this horrible killer nightmare where I realized I had been wrong to think it was just a movie and Samara was just biding her time and I should have done something to stop it but it was too late. Geez, that must have been floating in my unconscious waiting to strike!

    Even though we picked it apart when we saw it, it still gave me the heebie jeebies.
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    I really enjoyed this... I went to see it at a packed sneak preview promoted by radio DJs and it was a blast... Best horror flick i've seen since the slasher days, and I dont mean Jason X eccch.... But I am anticipating 28 Days Later

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    I swore I saw Samara standing in the dark doorway the night I saw the movie. I watched it again today with my friend.

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    I actually watched "Ringu" because I heard that it was better. Personally, I thought it was even worse. Bleah!

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