I saw this tonight and I really liked it. I also liked the first one as well. The kids enjoyed it. I love Steve Martin in this role.
I must say that I cringed whenever Hilary Duff was onscreen. She never should have been cast in this movie, because she is too *Lizzie McGuire*. Hated her and her huge teeth in this movie and the first one as well (but at least in the first one her teeth matched her head)
Definately a good, fun movie for kids. I also saw many senior citizens in the audience as well.
Carmen Electra was good, but I was suprised at her character- I was expecting something different.
And the *tomboy* Sally from Disney Channel - don't know her real name but she always plays a tom boy with pigtails, and she is also on the Suite Life with Zach and Cody- her role was the usual tomboy role as well.
All in all- a good movie, I thought, especially if you can use the excuse "my kids made me go!"