America! Built on a better pill.

A young woman fumbles with love and ethics as she navigates a career with one of corporate America’s darlings…the pharmaceutical industry.

KARLY HERT has spent the last ten years selling drugs...legally, that is.

Although conflicted on a daily basis by the values within the pharmaceutical industry, an industry driven by profits at the expense of patients; Karly has been seduced by the golden handcuffs of corporate America.

Enter ZACH DANNER, who convinces Karly to be true to her values and walk away from her lucrative but empty job. As their relationship blossoms, Karly devises a plan to get out. But leaving is never quite as easy as it seems...

Side Effects is closely based on the writer / director's decade working directly for the pharmaceutical industry as a drug sales rep.

Fantastic movie! The story of how this screenwriter raised 200K to get this film to our screens is amazing! LEARN MORE here

Sandy Adell Dr. Jones
David Ames Dr. Jakobs
John L. Apple Plant Manager
Ron Baumgartner Business Man 1 @ Plant
Collin Bernhardt Spencer T.Bates
William Bolz Scary Man
Stacy Brickson Dr. Collins
Nathan Caracter Recruiter
Tom Christensen Dr. Michaels
Nathan Connor Scott
Janet Cresson Debbie
Tom Curtis Dr. Allen
Dorian DeMichele Jacqueline
Dave Durbin Dan
Lee Ernst Jack Klug
Glenn Fahlstrom Peter Anderson
Eric Greiling Dr. Gavin
Temeceka Harris Grace
Beth Hebert Sarah
Katherine Heigl Karly Hert & Lips 2
Ilka Hoffins Sally
Robert Irvine Dr. Wheeler
Jeffery Jaeckle Dr. Rosen
Torrey Jaeckle Business Man 2 @ Plant
Jan M. Janssen Dr. Gardner
Hisonni Johnson 2nd Suit
Mary Kababik Mom
Christopher Karbo Dr. Feinstein
Kelly Kearns Staff Members
Debbie Kunz Carol
Nicholas Langholff Pizza Delivery Guy
Tom Lodewyck Dr. Smith
John Majer Physician
Ed Maxcy Man In Pharmacy
Lucian McAfee Zach
Dwight McMillan Detailer
Marcia Meise Shirley
Scott Miles Dr. Murphy
Dawn Miller-Johnson Dr. Simmons
Drake Moschkau
Estella Moschkau Scott's Kids
Steve Moschkau Delivery Man
Roger Offerdahl Dad / Jack
Andrea Owens Receptionist #2
Jeffrey J. Parisi Dr. Mcdonald
Doug Phillips Pharmacist
Eric Piepho Dr. Macky
Jody Reiss Dr. Saunders
David D. Relles Mike Allen
Kathleen M. Ross Liz
Joan Rubens Betty
Mimi Sagadin Katie
Mike Schlageter Charles Bacon
Erik Schmudlach Big Irv
Scott J. Schultz Brent
Kathleen Slattery-Moschkau Dr. Parisi
Peter Verstegen Jason
Jeff Vilker Brad & Lips 1
Lynn Ann Vilker Waitress & Lips 3
Alex Weis Lips 4 / Rep
Patricia M. Weis Receptionist #1
Nancy Winter Dr. McBride
Mike Yaktus Dr. Swain
Catherine Young Cindi
William Zenobia 1st Suit